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Going The Distance

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Going The Distance

Film Description:

It was the time of their lives. It was perfect, Phil (Chris Bresky) and his best friend Jason (Jacob Attilio) along with their band, Murphys Law, were performing their first paying gig. And to top if off they met the two most beautiful girls, Nicole (Shelbi Wescott) and Kate (Stephanie Smith).

It was their senior year and things couldn’t get any better. New opportunities, unforeseen challenges, and passionate relationships force them to make choices that will shape the rest of their lives. Tony Olivia co-stars as Phil’s dad, a father with a heart for his son, helping Phil navigate the toughest decisions of his life. What unfolds will test their conviction, their faith

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From: Justice Pictures

Film Cast

  • Jacob Attilio … Jason
  • Chris Bresky … Phil
  • Meriah Churchill … Mr. Seavers’ Secretary
  • Jordan Dijon … Carver High Dance Coordinator
  • Tailyr Dyrdahl … Becky
  • Damon Evans … Adoptive Parent
  • Elise Evans … Adoptive Parent
  • Dan Hallberg … Mr. Seavers
  • Caleb Justice … Kid in Park
  • Joshua Justice … Kid in Park
  • Sara Justice … Mother in Park
  • Shawn Justice … Camper Mountain Man
  • Ara Keating … Cheerleader
  • Chris Kuchinka … Dexter
  • Rick Lord … Frank
  • Tyson Marty … Eric
  • Bon McBee … Mr. Seavers’ Nephew
  • Jenny McKee … Susan
  • Tommie Odum … Luke
  • Tony Oliva … Jack
  • Mike Olson … Shawn
  • J. Orazio … Young Phil
  • S. Orazio … Young Jason
  • David Patillio … Nicole’s Dad
  • Amy Smith … Cheerleader
  • Heather Smith … Cheerleader
  • Stephanie Smith … Kate
  • Judy Stralsund … Laura
  • Hayden Thornton … Baby
  • Caysie Torrey … Cheerleader
  • Shelbi Wescott … Nicole
  • Melissa Wilent … Baker High Dance Coordinator
  • Steve Wilent … Mr. Jennings

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Justice Pictures Representative: Shawn Justice
Phone: 360-334-6957 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Going The Distance, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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