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Gold Through The Fire

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CFDb Review:

Great film for teens with some humor as well.  Shows the difference between real and surface Christianity. Check out the blog, Anna’s Heart on Suffering.

Gold Through The Fire

Film Description:

Gold Through The Fire – Russian teen escapes his country due to religious persecution only to find the same in the USA.At 17 Peter Smyslov performs a daring escape out of the Soviet Union that frees him from the religious persecution that still imprisons his family. Eventually, Peter fulfills his dream of living in the United States, and begins the amusing struggle of adapting to the lifestyle of his new American host family, the McBrides.

Peter learns some tough lessons about being a Christian in America when he experiences persecution instead of freedom at his new high school, and compromise instead of the convictions for the Christians he meets. This is an excellent film with a challenging message for all age groups.

Film Cast

  • Charles Harlan … Peter Smyslov
  • Renée Giragos … Sheri Jenkins
  • Kris Wolff … David McBride
  • Michael Welborn … Dean McBride
  • Chris Scherschel … Marilyn McBride
  • Paige Mikolajczyk … Deirdra McBride
  • Reid Ostrowski … KGB Agent
  • Rene Anderson … Mrs. Davis
  • Gregg Ladd … Mr. Engle
  • Adrienne Solid … Emily Nation
  • Jeff Ploetz … Don Bresler
  • Gary Wilmes … Angelo
  • Charles Wimmer … Elliot Murray
  • Kimberly Thompson … Darlene
  • James Lawson … Soccer Coach
  • Dev Kennedy … Defense Attorney
  • John Derba … Sergei
  • Becky Andersen … Debbie
  • Dick Galloway … Judge
  • Carol Whelan … Doris Fox
  • Patrick Churchill … Mr. Wynn
  • Michail Morgulis … Peter’s Father
  • Zina Svetlova … Peter’s Mother
  • Vladimir Kulinov …Russian Interpreter

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Film Details

Gold Through The Fire, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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