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Good Soil

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CFDb Review!

MUST SEE film about persecution! Short film but well worth watching!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

Ships from Europe brought Christianity to the shores of Japan in 1549. For nearly 100 years the seeds of faith grew under the watchful gaze of the shogun. But the fear of foreign influence eventually gave rise to persecution.

By 1624 Japanese Christians had only a few more years of peace. Masuda Jinbei, a Japanese Christian of the samurai class, draws his strength from his faith, family, and fencing. Life is good, until the shogun decrees a brutal policy of religious cleansing. Now Jinbei must choose between his family and his faith.

good soil 2

Good Soil

  • Shin Koyamada … Jinbei Masuda
  • Yoshi Ando … Michijiro
  • Atsushi Hirata … Iwanaga
  • Yutaka Takeuchi … Tsunoyasu
  • Craig Reid … Priest
  • Kazumi Zatkin … Otsu
  • Mak Banchi … Shiro
  • Christine Shimahara … Kinu
  • Tex Nakamura … Daimyo
  • Yuji Tone … Attendant
  • Mitsuji Higashimoto … Guard #1
  • Toshiya Agata … Guard #2
  • Akiko Kato … Villager #1
  • Yas Takahashi … Villager #2
  • Yuriko Imashuku … Villager #3
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Good Soil, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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