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The Gospel Blimp

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The Gospel Blimp

Film Description:

The Gospel Blimp – What happens when a church group decides to evangelize their home town by buying a BLIMP? They soon learn that bombarding the Gospel message from on high might not prove to be the most effective technique!

(1967), the film adaptation of Christian author Joseph Bayly’s popular satire, is a sly indictment of non-personal evangelism. The film chronicles the wild idea by a group of Christian neighbors, pondering how best to reach people with the Gospel, to buy a full-blown BLIMP and spread the Gospel from on high.

Among their ill-considered techniques is dropping Bible tract bombs on unwary victims and blasting Christian music so loud it pains the ears of citizens and induces dogs to howl. The film cleverly makes the point that there is no substitute for the personal sharing of one’s faith. This once highly popular classic 1960’s Christian comedy from Gospel Films was directed by Irwin “Shorty” Yeaworth.

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