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Gospel Films Archive: Children’s Collection

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Gospel Films Archive: Children’s Collection

Film Description:

Gospel Films Archive: Children’s Collection

King of the Block 1956 – Family Films / 14min.
Steve has a new treehouse to share with friends, but only if they do what he says. Dad and son each discover how selfishness can impact friendships.

The Way He Should Go 1954 – Concordia Films / 26min.
Young Freddie Fisher has been raised with strong Christian values that are tested when he acquires stolen model train signals.

Charlie Churchman and the Clowns 1968 – Family films / 19min.
Charlie uses satire and slapstick comedy to get people into church fellowship. When the circus arrives, Charlie sets out to “get those clowns to church.”

Elisha & the Syrian Army 1957 – Moody Bible Institute / 13min.
When Gary indicates a fear of going camping, Mr. Fixit tells him the Bible story of how Elisha showed no fear of the Syrian King, and thereby won a great victory.

Rolling Stones 1950 – Family Films / 30min.
The Stones are a roving trailer family. Mom and young son Bobby yearn for a permanent home. Can an old church caretaker restrain dad’s wanderlust.

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