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Grace of the Father

Sneak Preview
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Grace of the Father

Film Description:

Grace of the Father – Luke Mackenzie and his wife Kelley are strong in their faith and very secure in their life in the wide open horse country of North Dakota. They are teaching their children, 17-year-old twin sons, Isaac and Jacob and their 11-year-old daughter, Aurora, the value of a Christian life.

Things couldn’t be better. Then the accident: Kelley is killed in an automobile accident on a slick county road during an unexpected early winter snow storm. As if that was not enough, during the storm, Luke loses several priced horses from the stable at which he was the manager. Within a matter of days, the Mackenzie’s lives are turned upside down. Still dealing with the devastating loss of Kelley and now, with the stark reality of being fired for losing the horses also to the snow storm, the family travels to the small central Florida town of Mound City for the funeral. Although she has no family remaining in the town, Luke, comforted only by the material good fortune of an insurance settlement, decides to stay in Florida and start his own horse ranch. With most of the remaining insurance money, he buys a dilapidated 40 acre former horse farm and settles in to rebuild the farm and start breeding horses again.

Aurora and her brother, Isaac pitch in to help, but Jacob resists. On the eve of the twins’ 18th birthday, Jacob announces he is leaving and demands his share of their mother’s insurance settlement. Dutifully, Luke agrees and gives his son almost all of the remaining cash. Jacob heads to Las Vegas to meet up with a friend to start a new life and new business venture on his own. The two young men, using Jacob’s easy-fortune, go on a wild frenzy of gambling, cavorting with loose women and ultimately squander all of the money.

In the meantime, Luke, with the aid of his other two children and their faith that God will restore everything, rebuild the horse ranch. The ranch becomes very successful and Luke is able to expand his stable of winning race horses. Jacob, on the other hand, finally hits rock bottom and is abandoned by his friends.

Homeless and about to live on the street, he is befriended by a former lady of the night. She introduces him to God’s grace through a well-worn old book entitled “Coming Home is Easy” Jacob is mesmerized by the teaching in the book, reads it cover to cover through the night and in the morning is buoyed by a new found trust in God. He returns home to the waiting arms of his father, who he discovers was always with him. It has taken every ounce of faith Luke possessed to hold his family together and keep them believing in the promises of God.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA

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Grace of the Father - Christian Movie/Film De Miller

Film Cast

  • Darren Dowler – Luke Mackenzie
  • Kibwe Dorsey – The Duke
  • Suzanna Leigh – Judith Hudson
  • Michael Joiner – J.C. Longhorn
  • Natalia Leigh Denny – Kelley Mackenzie
  • John Denny – Tom Boeding
  • De Miller- Phil Meyers
  • Susan O’Gara – Nursing Supervisor
  • Jack Schladetsch – Doctor Powers
  • David A. Russell – Croupe
  • Sue Miller – Nurse
  • Sue Hashley – Nurse

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Lazarus Filmworks Representative: De Miller
Phone: 352-735-1359 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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