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Gramps Goes to College

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CFDb Review:

What a fun film, with thought provoking comments, and even a miracle.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Gramps Goes to College


Film Description:

Ty Bounds, a workaholic as a computer programmer for 35 years, has retired. No longer forced to work for a living, he seeks how he can spend his time serving God. Following the lead of the Holy Spirit, he returns to college to wage war against secular humanism and to mentor a new generation in truth seeking.

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In Gramps’ Shoes
Gramps Goes to College

(Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence)

  • Carol Anderson … Professor Tucker
  • James Borst … Bobby
  • Kaitlin Borst … Michaela Morris
  • Donna Botts … Dorm Mother
  • Adra Cooper … Audra
  • Rusty Martin … Brad Hanson
  • Kera O’Bryon … Barbara Carter
  • Chris Palmer … Josiah Morris
  • Donald James Parker … Gramps
  • Courtney Lee Simpson … Stephanie Carter
  • Timothy Paul Taylor … Ted
Company: Sword of the Spirit Publishing
Contact Person: Donald Parker
Phone: 931-287-0280
Email: Email Contact
Gramps Goes to College, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Joe Roche says
    25 January 14, 3:16pm

    Just got to see this film. Very well done, would highly recommend it. It may not be a Hollywood Blockbuster, but that could also be a good thing! It’s on point and everyone should see it.

  2. Kim McCoy says
    24 February 14, 6:36am

    not only did I watch the movie, I bought the DVD so I could watch it again when I got home. Yes, it’s that good!
    Powerful message with true conviction on things we let slide in our lives so we don’t “rock the boat”. Empowering, to say the very least.
    I truly loved this film and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to everyone….

  3. CFDb says
    24 February 14, 10:39am

    Thanks for sharing Kim, if there are other films you have seen, can you leave comments on them?, this will help others picking out films. 🙂

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