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Grandma’s Hands

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Film Synopsis:

Grandma Eloise Carter‘s battles are both flesh and spirit as she attempts to redirect her granddaughter Angela’s steps away from the path her mother Ladoris traveled. Angela is consumed by the chaos and confusion of her mother’s past and can’t seem to find any way around it! At the same time, Grandma is in a battle with a spirit manifested out of the “Fear” of losing another child.

Stephanie, Angela’s best friend opposes Grandma Carter’s beliefs that you can finish in life better than you started. Stephanie attempts to unravel the carefully spun shawl of grandma’s teachings by alluding to the fact that our past can’t be changed and that what “WAS” will ultimately “Be Again” with no way to avoid the collision of our past and our present.

This inspirational new movie is one of redemption and recovery no matter how far you’ve fallen. Grandma points out that bad beginnings are the prelude to most of our lives, but that we can finish better than we start.

This Title is currently carried by EnLive cable VOD service.

  • Tasha Cross ~~~ Nancy
  • Crystal Glover ~~~ Sadie
  • Laila Hameen ~~~ Angela Carter
  • Chris Hill ~~~ Doug
  • Sigmund Maley ~~~ Brian
  • Dwan McDaniel ~~~ Stephanie
  • Candy Moore ~~~ Young Stephanie
  • Terri L. Bea Sopher ~~~ Grandma Eloise Carter
  • Khrys Styles ~~~ Ladoris
  • Tiana Turner ~~~ Young Angela
  • Jeffrey Ward ~~~ Mike
  • Chris Willis ~~~ Ricky
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