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Great Controversy

Sneak Preview
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Great Controversy


Film Description:

A mercenary suffering from post traumatic stress disorder seeks answers to his ex-wife’s death and finds himself in the midst of a national conspiracy.

Struggling with inner demons, ex-mercenary Jakub Voss attempts to rebuild his life after his past has cost him dearly; including being separated from his ex-wife, Emily Hodges. Jakub learns of Emily’s death and suspects foul play. The trail leads him to Zoe Cortez, a news reporter who receives information from Emily about an impending threat against the United States. Jakub tries to discover those responsible for Emily’s death, and the beginning of a national conspiracy ensues.

Great Controversy is loosely based on a book titled “The Great Controversy,” authored by Ellen G. White, which describes an overarching conflict that exists from heaven at the beginning of all time, extended to the last days of earth’s history. The film follows the journey of fictional character, Jakub Voss, as he faces his own great controversy.

Release Date: (Online Web Series) September 5, 2013 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Great Controversy - Christian Movie Film, TV/Cable Series

Great Controversy - Christian Movie Film, TV/Cable Series - Screenshot

  • Jacob D. Moore … Jakub Voss
  • Brandon Johnon … Benjamin Kline
  • Sean Bolger … John Clark
  • Taleah Griffin … Zoe Cortez
  • Tiffany R. Johnson … Amy Hodges
  • Brian Coash … Henchman
  • Krenee Tolson … Dr. Carline
  • Clayton Stamper … Jerry Holland
  • Brent Foster … Allen Hendricks
  • Dewayne Perkins … Colin Jeffers
Company: ScriPic
Contact Person: Ron Toussaint, President / Co-Founder
Phone: 312-623-1334
Email: Email Contact

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