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Film Synopsis:

When his wife Julia is killed in an explosion at a mob warehouse, the world of artist Oliver Allen (Ryan Dunlap) literally turns gray.

Oliver, a painter who had hoped to trade a checkered past for a new life with Julia, suffers from Achromatopsia – the inability to see any color, a condition that plunges him into a world of black and white and shades of gray. It’s the least of his problems.

The Mob is after him. Gavin Calhoun is intent on two things: avenging the death of his son, who also died at the warehouse; and finding out what Oliver knows about a dead undercover cop who penetrated the Family, a cop who happened to be Julia’s father (Anthony Tyler).

So Oliver abandons his witness-protection safe house in Denver, one step ahead of Calhoun’s murderous lieutenant, Jamison (Doug Jones), and seeks refuge in the college town of his idyllic university days with Julia. Amidst a swirl of flashbacks, he enlists the help of Blake, his eccentric college roommate, and Winston, a techno-geek with an arsenal of tricked out toys that go bang.

Into the mix comes Rachel Soren (Marisa Draeger), a stunning and mysterious woman who offers a strange deal: art for information. In return for a painting, she promises answers to Oliver’s shaded past, sending the tortured artist on a desperate quest to discover the reasons behind the spiral of violence.

Oliver descends into the netherworld, mining the back streets and alleys and last-chance churches for any detail about a mob database and the decryption key that might unlock it. Oliver’s search catapults him into a web of betrayal, in which no one seems to be who they are, where loyalties are tested, and allegiances broken, giving him a last chance to make peace with the past and a new shot at a future.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

  • Ryan Dunlap ~~~ Oliver Allen
  • Marisa Draeger ~~~ Rachel Soren
  • Tim Russ ~~~ Gavin Calhoun
  • Doug Jones ~~~ Jamison
  • Brian Shoop ~~~ Gabe
  • Anthony Tyler Quinn ~~~ Jonathon Cole
  • Jason Knight ~~~ Blake Sullivan
  • Sarah Dunlap ~~~ Julia Allen
  • Mark Gullickson ~~~ Winston
  • Steve Tommey ~~~ Alex Farrel
  • Doug Bauer ~~~ Dan Canton
  • Mary Neff ~~~ Millie
  • Aaron Kruse ~~~ Roger Canton
  • Kimberly R Jones ~~~ Persephone
  • Brandon Biggs ~~~ Kyle Donnelly
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