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Gridiron Heroes

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Gridiron Heroes

Film Description:

Narrated by Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, Battleship, Savages and Lone Survivor). “Gridiron Heroes” is the story of high school football star Chris Canales, who was paralyzed in a championship football game.

The film chronicles the work of the Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation started by Chris and his father Eddie culminating with them both being nominated for the prestigious “CNN HEROES OF THE YEAR” Award. “Gridiron Heroes” exams of the game of football itself starting from the owners of Professional football teams down to the players themselves speaking out. Some of the most famous faces in the game discuss the larger problem of brain damage and spinal cord injuries that occur on the football field and a potential solution, “Heads up Tackling,” that is sweeping the nation.

Release Date: 2015

Awards & Nominations

Award – Latin American Sports Hall of Fame
Nominee – CNN Heroes of the Year Award
Best Documentary Feature – Los Angeles Film and Script Festival

Film Cast

  • Al Michaels … As Himself
  • Jerry Jones … As Himself
  • Taylor Kitsch … As Himself
  • Brett Favre … As Himself
  • Drew Pinsky … As Himself
  • Holly Robinson Peete … As Himself
  • Piers Morgan … As Himself
  • Kurt Warner … As Himself
  • Laura Dern … As Herself
  • Mike Ditka … As Himself
  • Brad Leland … As Himself
  • Rex Linn … As Himself
  • Rick Fox … As Himself
  • ‘Sully’ Charles Sullenberger … As Himself
  • Scott Porter … As Himself
  • Lamarcus Tinker … As Himself
  • Brian Bosworth … As Himself
  • Paul Williams … As Himself
  • Marcus Riley … As Himself
  • Ryan Colburn … As Himself
  • Seyi Ajirotutu … As Himself
  • Dr. Robert Cantu … As Himself
  • Dr. Wise-Young PhD … As Himself
  • Dr. John Albright … As Himself
  • Coach Jeff Leets … As Himself
  • Coach Bobby Hosea … As Himself
  • Coach John Gagliardi … As Himself
  • Coach James Gagliardi … As Himself
  • Coach Mike Kipp … As Himself
  • Coach Mike Ditka … As Himself
  • Coach Ben Earls … As Himself
  • Coach Anthony Melillo … As Himself
  • Alan Schwarz; New York Times … As Himself
  • Deacon Jones … As Himself

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Indican Pictures Representative: Randolph Kret
Phone: 3238502667 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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