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Hacksaw Ridge

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Hacksaw Ridge

Film Description:

Hacksaw Ridge – The Conscientious Objector

World War II American Army Medic Desmond T Doss who served during the Battle of Okinawa refuses to kill people and becomes the first Conscientious Objector in American history to win the Congressional Medal of Honor.

“Hacksaw Ridge, which Gibson hopes to shoot next year, is based on the life story of Desmond T Doss, a private in the US army who was drafted in 1942 and worked as a medic in the Pacific theatre. He was credited with saving the lives of 75 men during the battle of Okinawa after braving enemy fire while evacuating wounded soldiers near the front line. The Seventh-day Adventist was the first conscientious objector to receive the medal of honor, and was also handed two bronze stars and three purple hearts for his heroics. Doss was wounded by a grenade and shot by a sniper while working on the battlefield.”

Release Date: (Theaters) November 4, 2016

Release Date: (DVD) February 1, 2017!

A documentary made about Desmond Doss – “The Conscientious Objector

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Topic: War

President Harry Truman pins Medal of Honor on Desmond Doss 1945 press photo

President Harry Truman pins Medal of Honor on Desmond Doss 1945 press photo

Desmond Doss: Conscientious Objector

Hacksaw Ridge - Christian Movie/Film Desmond Doss, Mel Gibson- CFDb

Line of fire … Mel Gibson, who has been dogged by accusations of antisemitism, will return with a film about a Christian war hero. Photograph: Isifa Image Service sro/Rex

Film Cast

  • Teresa Palmer … Dorothy Schutte
  • Luke Bracey … Smitty
  • Andrew Garfield … Desmond T. Doss
  • Vince Vaughn … Sergeant Howell
  • Sam Worthington … Captain Glover
  • Hugo Weaving … Tom Doss
  • Rachel Griffiths … Bertha Doss
  • Matt Nable … Lt. Cooney
  • Richard Roxburgh … Colonel Stelzer
  • Ryan Corr … Lt. Manville
  • Goran D. Kleut … Andy ‘Ghoul’ Walker
  • Firass Dirani … Vito Rinnelli
  • James Mackay … Prosecutor
  • Luke Pegler … Milt ‘Hollywood’ Zane
  • Milo Gibson … Soldier

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Cross Creek Pictures Representative:
Phone: +1 310 248 4061 Fax: +1 310 248 4068
Email: Contact Address: West Hollywood, CA

Film Details



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  1. IT 2 IT says
    20 April 15, 6:26am

    WWII —–AGAIN????


    And meanwhile, NOTE, Hollywood is continuing to obediently
    the swiftly approaching 65th Anniversary of the now
    21st century DEFINING – – – -KOREAN WAR.

  2. Linda Foster says
    20 April 15, 5:24pm

    This will not be a typical WW2 movie. This movie is about an underdog who saves dozens of lives without thought to his personal safety and all this is after they treated him so badly. He diď not need a gun to give him courage. Read the following article about Desmond Doss and also go to Wikipedia and read his medal of honor citation. This is going to be one of the best movies in recent years.
    Gregory Crosby, one of the producers, assured me there would be no F words or taking the name of God in vain. Christians who want to send a message to Hollywood to produce better quality movies should go out and see this movie then tell their friends about it and buy the DVD. . Money talks to these guys.


  3. Leo Gallegos says
    23 December 15, 2:57am

    This is going to be a great movie can’t wait for it to come out!! I will post this movie on my FB page!!

  4. David says
    10 June 16, 7:42am

    The documentary has been around for many years. I was very surprised when I saw Mel chose to do this story. I can’t believe he found this story. It’s the perfect sequel to the Passion. It’s as close as you can get to the Passion 2. The only difference is that it’s not about redemption….it’s about obedience to God. It’s not a war story…that’s secondary. It’s the story of a man that chooses to fearlessly do exactly what Jesus said to do. It’s Matthew 5 in fulfillment. Turn the other cheek…..don’t run towards your enemy to kill him….that’s fear….don’t run away from your enemy…that’s fear. Trust God!

    This is going to be an interesting movie….If I could boil Desmond Doss down to two words it would be fearless love.

  5. Stan Jensen says
    23 January 17, 6:34pm

    He was never drafted.. he signed up, and did not have to as he would have been exempted.

    I know a bit of history of this

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