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Hamlet’s Mouse-Trap

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Hamlet’s Mouse-Trap

Film Description:

Hamlet’s Mouse-trap is an elegant suspense thriller which, as the title suggests, is in the tradition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

This is the story of Maria, a young noblewoman and direct descendant of the Imperial House of Romanov, whose mother was murdered during a supposed robbery in their home. Maria has set out to discover why her mother was murdered and by whom – but she must also decide whether she will commit an act that would betray her faith, her family’s legacy, and her mother’s memory.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

This film is based on the short film, ‘Help Me‘.

This Film Needs Your Help Before November 19. 2014. Indiegogo

Today in 1883, Russian Tsar Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna were crowned in Moscow.

Ella's father, Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hessen

A poem written by Grand Duchess Olga

A poem written by Grand Duchess Olga:
“Grant us Thy patience, Lord,
In these our woeful days,
The mob’s wrath to endure,
The torturer’s ire;
Thy unction to forgive
Our neighbors’ persecution
And mild, like Thee, to bear
A bloodstained Cross.
And when the mob prevails,
And foes come to despoil us,
To suffer humbly shame,
O Savior aid us!
And when the hour comes
To pass the last dread gate,
Breathe strength in us to pray,
Father forgive them!”.
– Olga

Hamlet's Mouse-Trap - Christian Movie/Film HMT

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