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Happiness Is…

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Happiness Is…

Film Description:

Happiness Is… – Humorous adventures and dangerous escapades of young Mike Adams and his mischievous friends. Together, they learn when character counts.

This delightful, Tom Sawyer-like story presents the adventures of Mike Adams and his mischievous friends. Their efforts to keep the neighborhood tomboy out of their secret “boys only” club lead to a series of humurous and harrowing escapades. Heartwarming entertainment that will bring back memories for parents as they watch it with their children, HAPPINESS IS…illustrates that faith, truthfulness and honesty are possible in today’s world.

Release Date: (DVD) – Out of Print!

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Topic: Mark IV Pictures

Film Cast

  • Diane Bertouille … Patty
  • Brent Campbell … Mike Adams
  • Eddie Moran … Chris
  • Carlton Smith … John Wesley
  • Madalyn Bertouille … Mrs. Ellison
  • Joseph Boone … Mr. Bates
  • Joyce Cobbs … Mrs. Bates
  • Roger Frazier … Mr. Adams
  • Jana Irvin … Mrs. Johnson
  • George Jones … Grandpa
  • Sandy Walker … Mrs. Adams

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Russ Doughten Films Representative: Thom Rachford
Phone: 1-800-247-3456 or 1-515-278-4737 Fax: 1-515-278-4738
Email: Contact Address: 5907 Meredith Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 50322-1204

Film Details

Happiness Is..., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Judy Weaver says
    01 February 13, 7:09am

    Do you know how I could find a copy of “Happiness is…a story of faith”? I saw it as a child. It made an impact on my life and now would love to have my children see the film.

  2. Annelie says
    01 February 13, 7:18am

    As far as we know this is only on VHS and hard to find which is why it’s out on right now. We sell a few VHS as well but not that particular one. Sorry, you’ll have to check back with Amazon from time to time or E-bay to see if anyone is selling it.


  3. Penny White Baumann says
    11 June 13, 12:02pm

    I was in this movie! Listed as Denny White instead of Penny!!! I would so love to be able to buy it!

  4. Annelie says
    11 June 13, 12:06pm

    I added your name as a cast member – the only place we know to buy is on Amazon and they are out of stock for now and it’s only on VHS. I hope they make it on DVD sometime.


  5. Jen says
    22 March 16, 1:19pm

    This story is about my older brother, Mike, and my mother (Mrs Adams). Our last name was changed of course, but this movie is about my older brother’s misadventures. Their neighbor, Patty, soooo wanted to be included in his “boys only club”. If you read the credits in the beginning, it says “From an Original Idea by Judy Arnold”.. that is my mother. She was a Sunday School teacher, and over the years, had been telling Mr Doughten stories of how my brother would get into all sorts of trouble as a kid. So, after our family moved to Florida, Mr Doughten decided to put a move together. So many people had come to Christ through Mr Doughten’s movies like “A Thief in the Night”, etc, and the thought of my family being a part of his movies is an honor. My mother and Mr Doughten are both in Heaven now, and rejoicing with the Lord over all the people that have come to Christ through works like these. My mother would be so thrilled today to see that this movie is still out there, through hard to find at the moment. This needs to be on DVD, Thank you for having this movie on your website. 🙂

  6. Jen says
    22 March 16, 1:24pm

    P.S. I believe it was released in 1975-1976, not 1987.

  7. Annelie says
    23 March 16, 8:48am

    Thank you – just updated that.

  8. Annelie says
    23 March 16, 8:50am

    Thank you Jen for sharing that story with us. I think there may be a company that is looking into getting this available on DVD.

  9. Jonathan Williams says
    04 June 17, 5:12pm

    I am currently sitting across the table from the character “Patty” here in Jackson TN at Olive Garden. I never would have known Sis Graves is a movie star!!! I should get her autograph!

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