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Film Synopsis:

A streetwise east Los Angeles kid caught up in a world of gangs and violence is given a choice by the judge — reform school or a rehabilitative summer on a ranch. He feels the ranch is worse than prison, but soon forms a bond with the rancher and hopes for a better life if they can triumph over the hatred of their small town neighbors.

“Harley (Phillips) is a ‘troubled teen’ from L.A. who is arrested. A progressive social worker has Harley sent to Texas to live with the Nortons, an open-minded, heartful Christian family, and spend two months on their ranch. Surrounded by a town full of doddering hicks, Harley takes on ranch chores, learns to ride horses, and finds love in a local girl while the Nortons try to bring him into the fold. Eventually Harley chooses to release his pain in exchange for a return to faith, culminating in his calling for God’s help to save the life of the burglar who framed him.”

*This First Edition came out as a “Christian Movie” by the Kuntz Bros., Some parts have been taken out before this Mass Release Edition!

  • Lou Diamond Phillips … Harley
  • Eli Cummings … Jim
  • Jan DeWitt … Judy
  • Kim Valentine … Bobby
  • Chad Sheets … Joey
  • Frank Kuntz … Frank
  • Darryl Kuntz … Darryl
  • Thom Meyers … Leach
  • Karl Schaeffer … Chihuahua
  • Helena Humann … Ethel
  • Harlon Jordan … Vernon
  • Dale Kassel … Sheriff
  • David Parker … Herbert
  • Frank Kuntz Sr. … Hungarian Truck Driver
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Harley, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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