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He Knows My Name

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CFDb Review:

Brilliantly done and fabulous, especially for children.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

He Knows My Name

Film Description:

He Knows My Name – Suffer the little children to come unto me.

Little Rebekah is fascinated by the man her neighbors call Jesus and she wants to hear all he has to say. But her mother, Sarah, wants Rebekah to keep her distance from the man some call Master and others label a heretic. Sarah has heard rumors that some factions wish to harm Jesus of Nazareth. But Rebekah is persistent, and one day she brings Jesus home to meet her mother and grandfather – a simple act that will forever change all their lives.

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He Knows My Name
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He Knows My Name - Christian Movie/Film - Screenshot

He Knows My Name - Christian Movie/Film - Screenshot 1

Film Cast

  • Aimee Lynne Johnson … Rebekah
  • Melanie Stone … Sarah
  • Bruce Newbold … Grandfather Reuben
  • Koleman Stinger … Isaac
  • Darin Southam … Jesus
  • Tatum Chiniquy … Mary
  • Dashiell Wolf … Joseph
  • Mason D. Davis … Young Reuben

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Film Details

He Knows My Name, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. sj Cox says
    31 March 15, 2:54pm

    This movie is wonderful!! It brings a different more personal perspective on the Easter story of Christ. I’ve watched it twice now and both times I cried. It brings me hope through my sorrow of the death of my babies that I will see them again.

  2. Celeste says
    31 March 15, 3:48pm

    Wonderful film! Made my Easter Season much more meaningful. I highly recommend watching it with your family and sharing it with all your family and friends.

  3. 01 April 15, 7:51pm

    We had the opportunity to review He Knows My Name a couple of weeks ago. This is a wonderful short film with a great story for the entire family. We are looking forward to sharing He Knows My Name during our Second Sunday Christian Movie Night on April 12. Bedias Christian Film Festival.

  4. Jan says
    05 April 15, 3:32pm

    I received this video from a friend for Easter and my birthday. I loved this film! To me it shows how much compassion Christ had for everyone and I can’t help but think that there were probably a lot of stories of Jesus that we don’t even know. To me he is my Savior and Redeemer and I know he loves me! So grateful for films like this! I loved “No Ordinary Shepard” as well!

  5. Tyler Millar says
    12 September 15, 12:00am

    “He Knows my Name” Did Jesus know Rachel’s name beforehand? In reality, yes. Though in the film, He had to ask for it. And there was another incident too, making His omniscience appear questionable. And no, there’s no reason to blame the LDS film makers for this.

  6. Annelie says
    13 September 15, 4:34pm

    I believe when Jesus was on earth, He was as a man so even though before He came to this earth He knew everything and afterwards He knows everything, while He was here, He only knew what the Father revealed to Him. At least that is how I always believed it was. That is the reason why He could fully relate to us, totally trusting to His Father like we are supposed to.

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