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Heart’s Desire

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Heart’s Desire

Film Description:

“Heart’s Desire” is a delightful, supernatural romance that shows God’s faithfulness to a Japanese American child named Patsy who is isolated as a Christian in a Buddhist community. As Patsy grows up, she yearns for a husband to share her faith, but it seems an impossible prayer. However, God works the impossible through the improbable. What follows is a saga that is complicated, humorous, and deliciously fulfilling to the ultimate meeting of minds and hearts.

“Heart’s Desire” takes an honest look at the struggle we go through to obey the invisible God when we are tempted by the very desires He gives us. Patsy learns it pays to obey the invisible God who not only gives her heart’s desire … but He gives her a husband, too.

“Heart’s Desire” is the Fairy Tale that is real … it is the Love story that is out of this world! “Heart’s Desire”: True love, true faith … a true story!

The film, “Heart’s Desire”, is based on the autobiographical book by Patsy Oda, originally published by Tyndale (in 7 languages) and recently republished by Xulon Press. For more information about the book, you may view the book trailer below on this page and view the book website, This is a true, enchanting Japanese American love story and has a universal theme that transcends any era, race or gender. It is a divine love story for all times and for such a time as this.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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