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Heaven is Waiting

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CFDb Review:

This movie is pretty popular and had some really great moments in it despite the fact that it was about him talking to his dead wife, which is forbidden by God in the Bible.  It’s difficult for me to find movies favorable that go against His Word.

Film Synopsis:

It has been years since Ned Stevens, a charming self-made success, lost his wife Kate to cancer. Yet he still can’t let go of her memory and move forward with his life, despite the efforts of his daughter Liz who thinks it’s time Ned stopped “talking” with his dead wife and started dating again.

But when Liz brings home a surprise — a new boyfriend from college — Ned finds that his comfortable world is turned upside down as Liz tries to divert his attention to Carol, an attractive single woman who lives in Ned’s neighborhood. Will Ned accept that his little girl is falling in love and can he open up his own heart once more to the potential of falling in love with another woman?

Also Released as: “Midway to Heaven

  • Kirby Heyborne … David
  • Michelle Money … Carol Holly
  • Curt Dousett … Ned Stevens
  • Brittany Peltier … Liz Stevens
  • Melanie Nelson … Kate Stevens
  • Priscilla Poland … Liz Look-alike
Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
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Fax: 480-907-2259
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Heaven is Waiting, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. TBilanzich says
    14 April 12, 5:42am

    This was the best written,performed,played heart wrenching,fills you with so much gratitude for the family you have movie. I am a movie mania,have a full theatre in my home, for better enjoyment,sound,comfort and all the family times it gives having movie night. This movie was unbelievable,it touched my heart on so many different levels,as well as every single person watching it with me.It also reminds you to treat your loved ones better than Christlike…to embrace every moment you have with them,fill your days with joy,gratitude and live every moment to it’s fullest,loving beyond measure because that is what it’s all about,after all. The music was spot on. It brought life and touched the heart in all the right times and ways. Unbelievable!!also,I have a similar build as the character Ned ends up with,Michelle money?I adored her modest classy attire.where did you find her many outfits?? She represented health,fitness and beauty without showing it all,I really need your stylists information,please!!!!movie was best I have seen ince…..I can’t remember a better movie actually! Where can I find the DVD? thank you for taking the tie to put into motion an uplifting family approved movie.Fabulous!!!

  2. Annelie says
    15 April 12, 7:46am

    There is a link across the picture where you can purchase from Amazon or you can click on the buy this film button located underneath the trailer. That will lead you to a list of choices where you can purchase the film. We liked this film a lot too! I really liked Brittany Peltier who played Liz Stevens. She was fabulous and I didn’t remember seeing her in anything else before. Kirby makes me laugh in everything he’s in.


  3. kerry says
    16 April 12, 3:14am

    Hi. Who is the female singer? Hillary? I just loved the soundtrack. But want Just Let Me Cry played at my brother’s Celebration of Life. So I need her name so I can purchase it. Thanks!

  4. Annelie says
    17 April 12, 9:07am

    I wish I knew the answer to this but the best I can suggest is contacting Bridgestone @ 866-774-3774 and asking them personally. If they don’t know, they should be able to tell you where to find it.


  5. Jessica says
    23 April 12, 8:58am

    Does anyone know where this movie was filmed? It is breath taking!

  6. Annelie says
    23 April 12, 9:13am

    Somewhere in Utah – Utah is a REALLY beautiful state! Of course we are in CO, so we think CO is even more beautiful, but Utah comes close. 🙂


  7. Kendra says
    23 April 12, 8:48pm

    The female singer is Hillary Weeks. She is a very popular singer in Utah and has several soundtracks out. Yes, this is in Utah. Parts in Park city and south of Salt Lake City.

  8. Kathy says
    27 April 12, 11:21pm

    The female singer was Hilary Weeks. The cd that song was from is If I Only Had Today. You can buy it on

  9. CFDb says
    28 April 12, 10:27am

    Thanks Kathy, I just added a link to it on, under the buy button for Film Soundtrack.

  10. Paul says
    02 September 12, 12:00am

    Is this whole story / production of Heaven Is Waiting based on the principles and beliefs of the Mormon church? As it has the main character Ned constantly in conversation with his dead wife, would this be a correct assumption?

  11. Annelie says
    02 September 12, 7:47am

    Also Released as: “Midway to Heaven“ – which is the LDS version. The premise of talking to your dead spouse is not necessarily a Mormon belief. Many movies show this without believing they can actually see them, or hear them talking back. Although this film does show this, I really don’t think this is what Mormons believe or practice. The point of the movie was that he knew he was wrong and holding on the past and struggling to let her go.


  12. Adrian says
    06 October 12, 8:09pm

    I watched Michelle Money on The Bachelor and was not impressed until the final rose when her spirit broke. Did she get saved? If not, then she deserves an award for that acting. I almost didn’t recgnize her. Awesome movie and I loved Michelle in it!

  13. Teri says
    20 May 13, 9:59am

    Just saw this movie last night on INSP and it was AWESOME!! I lost my husband a year ago “suddenly” and this was just such a moving movie I would watch it again and again and again – bittersweet but truly WONDERFUL!!! Thank you INSP!

  14. Ollie says
    06 June 13, 7:22pm

    I agree….movie was wonderful, but so disappointed at director’s choice for the role of Carol Holly. The actress (Michelle Money) demonstrated some very poor judgement and illicit behavior on the recent reality shows she appeared on, and it was simply not believeable to see her in a Christian movie.

  15. Jenna Simmons says
    19 September 13, 5:42pm

    her name is Hilary Weeks, she is the singer.. she is an amazing christian singer

  16. Kourtney says
    07 September 14, 2:14pm

    Maria- The film is based on the town of Midway, Utah near Park City. It was filmed in the area around Park City, Provo, and Salt Lake City.
    Having seen both the Christian (Heaven is Waiting) and Mormon (Midway to Heaven) versions, I can tell you the differences are very minor. ‘Bishop’ was changed to ‘Pastor’, the boyfriend was a Christian camp counselor rather than a Mormon missionary, and in the Mormon version it’s more clear that the daughter is a student at BYU (about an hour away from Midway).
    Talking with deceased relatives is NOT a Mormon belief/practice. The idea is just presented in the film that this man is coping with his wife’s death by imagining her there speaking with him. I’m sure this happens with many widowers regardless of their faith. Despite some taking offense at this idea, it is still a well-made clean film with no parts to close your eyes, plug your ears, or fast forward through.

  17. Mallory says
    29 September 14, 4:11pm

    What was the song towards the end of the movie? It was when Ned and Carol ended up spending more time together…the lyrics were along the lines of “falling” something about falling for you.

  18. Ivy says
    12 October 14, 10:49am

    Falling by Secrets in stereo

    I apologize for posting the wrong song Falling Slowly first.

  19. Jasmine says
    03 October 15, 2:03pm

    Hey do you know if this movie has a soundtrack? If so could you please post it here! I really like the songs and of course I love this movie! So beautiful!

  20. Annelie says
    04 October 15, 10:51am

    I couldn’t find any soundtrack for this one sorry.

  21. Lynne says
    20 August 17, 11:20pm

    This isn’t a Christian movie…it’s LDS (Mormon).
    Changing a character’s clerical title from “Bishop” to “Pastor” doesn’t change that.

  22. Mrs Jackson says
    11 December 17, 2:18pm

    Cute movie but clearly not Christian. Written by a Mormon or a non-Christian. “[H]im talking to his dead wife, which is forbidden by God in the Bible” was the main clue. A Mormon won’t understand why that’s not right though.

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