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Heaven Sent

Sneak Preview
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Heaven Sent

Film Description:

Heaven Sent – Echoing in the deepest depths of space, a humble prayer ascends: One from Maire Taylor, a smart, beautiful businesswoman who asks that her husband find the strength and wisdom to let go of their 9 year old marriage … While a second prayer simultaneously comes from Billy Taylor, a hopelessly romantic artist who asks that his wife receive the strength and wisdom to hold on.

From these humble pleas, comes an answer in the form of a little miracle (an 8 year old runaway from heaven) who takes it upon herself to rekindle the once intimate friendship and romance that has slowly, but surely slipped away from Billy and Maire due to a heart-wrenching loss. Using all of her skill and charm (as well as some well-intentioned mischief!) our little 8 year old runaway comically sets out to heal their broken hearts and save their marriage by helping them get back to the basics of love.

Premieres: Dec. 3 AT 8 pm (ET) on Lifetime TV
Release Date: (DVD) TBA!


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Topic: Marriage

Film Cast

  • Christian Kane … Billy Taylor
  • Marley Shelton … Maire Taylor
  • Mallory James Mahoney … Taylor
  • Ernie Hudson … Donatello
  • Ryan McPartlin … Sean Miller
  • Hannah Marie Hines … Stacy
  • Andi Davis … Maddie
  • Shauna Earp … Pamela Burke
  • Chris Grundy … Officer Evans
  • Stephen Fuller Austin … George
  • Gary Crow-Willard … Neighbor
  • Emily Choi … Poet’s Walk Employee
  • Joe Tabano … Poet’s Walk Employee
  • Kris Russell … Mrs. Reed
  • Nash Manstrum … Cop 1
  • Michael D. Lee … Cop 2
  • Brit Laree … Transient Female
  • Dan Davidson … Wheelchair Couple Male
  • Jennica Merica … Young Female Lover
  • Reid Fenlaw … Young Male Lover
  • Aundre Johnson … Hard Body Male
  • Tara Frawley … Hard Body Female
  • T. David Rutherford … Shopper

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Film Details

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