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Heaven With A Gun

Sneak Preview
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Heaven With A Gun

Film Description:

Heaven With A Gun – A grieving sheriff must save his town, after an evil ranchers family decide to take it over.

Set in the 1880’s, a small town sheriff loses his faith and turns to the bottle after his wife dies which forces him to step down. Soon after, a rancher’s son begins terrorizing the people of Stephensville. With help from friends, the sheriff learns he must regain his faith in God and himself to save the town.

It’s a feel good movie about friends, loss, family, courage, and overcoming all odds. It’ll make you laugh, and cry, but most of all, it will bolster your faith.

Release Date: (DVD) 2016

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Topic: Western

Heaven With A Gun - Christian Movie/Film Jenn Gotzon - Banner

Heaven With A Gun - Christian Movie/Film Jenn Gotzon - Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Paul Le Mat … Murphy
  • Kathy Garver … Ruby
  • Jenn Gotzon … Lisa
  • Michael Swan … Liam
  • Jim Freivogel … Stiles
  • Kim Estes … Toby
  • Brenda Whitehead … Grace
  • Glynn Praesel … Tony
  • Arlene Newman-Van Asperen … Kate

Film Company Contact Details

Company: BrenRock Productions Representative: Brenda Whitehead
Phone: +1 702 327 0331 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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