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Heaven’s Door

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CFDb Review:

Mixed emotions about this one. Even though it was about angels, God seemed to be left out of the film entirely except towards the very end. CFDb Movie Review below in the comment section.

Film Synopsis:

Julie Taylor has a problem — how to cope with a pending divorce, find meaningful employment, live with her mother’s constant advice and raise her two children.   In their small rural town it isn’t so much what people say as what they believe.  And since the death of her father her no-holds-barred mother has been leaning more toward the belief that angels — and “heaven” is right here with them.  Unseen but as real as this world.

  • Charisma Carpenter … Julie
  • Dean Cain … Leo
  • Edward Herrmann … Nate
  • Joanna Cassidy … Ruth
  • Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister … Ben
  • Kirstin Dorn … Riley
  • Jaci Twiss … Melissa Sue Davis
  • Frank Gerrish … Wally
  • Skyler James Sandak … Darley Allen
  • Kaden Billin … Morgan
  • Angella Joy … Reporter
Contact Person:
Heaven's Door, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Annelie says
    29 April 13, 11:43am

    CFDb Movie Review – This movie left me quite confused and with a lot of questions. The only real Christian part was the very end when someone tells the parents they best ask the One who can heal, then they show prayer – the only time throughout the entire film.

    I have mentioned before that Christian films are not supposed to be watched to look for Doctrine so I have to say this again. Please do not watch this film as if this is reality or even Biblical.

    For me, it was too difficult to get past that but the acting was great, musical score was great too.

  2. Teresa says
    17 June 13, 7:07pm

    Very disappointed in this one. Esoteric, not faith based. Acting is just ok. Did nothing to enhance my walk with God.

  3. kelsee says
    04 January 14, 7:04pm

    tis was the sadest movie i had ever seen and i totally get the point. when people who r good to others die,they will be re-born as a another person. and that u should yose your gifts wisely and u shouldent miss-treat them,or in this case over use them.

  4. Annelie says
    05 January 14, 10:00am

    Hi Kelsee,

    So glad you enjoyed this movie. It was good. The message that came from this film wasn’t a Biblical one.

    The Bible tells us in Hebrews 9:27 – And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. There is no Scripture that states we will be re-born as another person. We also are told that none of us are good, that is why Jesus came to die for us, to save us so we could live eternally with Him. Jesus is the only way to salvation, we can never earn salvation by our deeds. This movie was a fictional story, not a Doctrinal one.


  5. NC says
    22 February 14, 12:19pm

    This movie was pure fiction. The child was the one who was said to be the healer, instead of God healing through her. She got the glory instead of the Lord, and those of us who know the Bible know that He says He doesn’t share his glory with no one. They believed it was the dead grandfather who had come and given her the gift. In the story of Lazarus in the Bible, the Lord said that the dead are not allowed to come back. Nothing biblical in this movie. Not interested in my family watching it.

  6. Annelie says
    23 February 14, 7:41am

    Good points. Thanks for sharing that.


  7. Anthony Garza says
    23 April 14, 1:25am

    Hi a quick search of the writers bryce Fillmore and Craig Clyde will reveal that they are both members of the church of later day saints. (Mormons), so this might explain why it’s not so biblical.sorry if that offends some. Was written for informational purposes only.

  8. Katie Hoopaugh says
    08 June 14, 8:18am

    I agree that God was sort of left out of the movie which was disappointing but I liked the actors/acting very much and enjoyed the movie a lot just as entertainment and not as a biblical lesson. I would love to know where the movie was filmed? Beautiful background scenery in some of the outside shots…if it was real scenery and not added in.

  9. Bethanie says
    04 July 14, 3:12am

    The whole movie was filmed in Utah.

  10. 07 August 14, 10:42am

    this movie is Gods word

  11. Bonnie says
    16 September 14, 9:04am

    Disappointing. From the look of the landscape, my husband and I knew it was filmed in Utah and suspected it was morman. It was just off on all points, no one comes back to help, God does ALL miracles and babies are not reborn from another soul. Sad to see the actors associated with this film. We have so many good Christian movies and movie makers, I would suggest watching the Kendrick’s and Jefferson Moore.

  12. Claudia says
    02 January 15, 7:12pm

    Cute movie, could pick out the scenery and mountains right away as Utah outdoors. For those of you who think a movie should tell you all the answers, you really need to quit trying to find an easy way to know all in two hours or less and just go read your bible.

    Great reminder to always cherish what we do have 🙂

  13. Bonnie says
    08 March 15, 10:12pm

    I know it seems weird to have the girl heal people and it is a little weird how she brings the cat to life etc , but god does use others and angel’s to do his work. They do not bring people to life thou.
    What’s wrong with mormon’s making a good clean movie? We are christians you know.
    This movie was filmed in Ut county. All of it is real, trust me I know these places.

  14. Rod says
    08 December 15, 12:51pm

    Although it’s not it’s not strictly scriptural (Both Bibilcal and Book of Mormon) it was a fun movie. Some of the comments above seem to poke at the mormons for the sake of a poke. The film was more of a journey with the final point at the end. I also don’t think the comment about the glory being all about the girls healing ability was on point because she didn’t take the glory and knew it wasnt her own. The healing for money thing would have bothered me big time if she hadn’t had her friend hand out the money for the healing.

    Not scriptural, but does put the point across that there are many unseen things around us and helping us in this life. I think God and Jesus have a vast number of unseen helpers. Makes me hope I might also be a helper on this side.

  15. Derek Mann says
    16 January 16, 3:35am

    It was obvious the that God gave her the Gift of healing. We walk by Faith not by sight. I believe it did not show God because it represents us here on Earth that believe in Christ, like I said we walk by faith not by sight. I believe this is why God did not appear much. It was a given it was a gift from God, i think it was a very powerful movie. Everyone is being such a critique of the film and not looking in on their own faith. Thats negative and my God is nothing but positive. God bless you all.

  16. 23 March 16, 8:54am

    This is an important movie. It is so nice to see Dean Cain, doing so many of these wonderful Christian movies. They Haley girl in the movie, Riley, is a prototype of Christ. As the Divine Saviour did, she took upon herself all the pain, all the sickness of those who needed healing. For those who do not understand fully, whether Christian or Mormon, only real and Constant prayer will help them truly understand the important message of this film. The girl who played Riley played the role superbly. You, me, indeed all of us really need to meditate on the Scriptures of the holy Bible and to take regular prayer and Scripture seriously.

  17. Patty Lang says
    01 September 16, 9:00pm

    I agree that this is not a Christian movie. There is no mention at all of Jesus, who is the Christian message and mission. It could be any “energy,” as New Agers like to say. I’m not sure I even heard God mentioned. Much is inferred, but what’s the secret? Sweet story but not Christian.

  18. 26 March 17, 5:48pm

    If some people would pay attention to what they’re watching and listen to the words as they are spoken they might learn. First off people believe what they choose to believe. If people watching did listen they would notice the girl mentioned several times that it wasn’t her that was doing it. The same thing in the movie ( I Am Gabriel) The boy Gabriel told them several times it wasn’t him but they believe what they choose. What the people in the movie was seeing with their eyes is the girl touching them and then the appearance that the girl healed them so regardless of the fact that she told them it wasn’t her they believed what it appeared to have been.

  19. 26 March 17, 5:55pm

    I forgot to mention outside of the fact that Jesus or God wasn’t mentioned it was a really good movie I give it 9 stars out of 10 for the fact that Jesus or God wasn’t mentioned.

  20. cindy says
    03 October 17, 9:32pm

    disappointed. Not a Christian film.

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