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CFDb Review:

This is a must see film, especially for fathers.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.


Film Description:

Hero – The passion and vision of one man’s broken relationship with his own son fills him with the determination to give the young boys in his town hope and confidence.

He seeks to accomplish this by forming a baseball team deliberately designed to involve both fathers and sons in a common effort. Unbeknownst to him, his actions will also bless and bring a new meaning in life to the father of one of the boys, a man serving a life sentence in the local penitentiary.

The prison community and the town as a whole are powerfully changed as fathers reunite with their sons and realize their own ability to be One Good Man. As fathers grow in their relationship with their sons, they learn that God the Father seeks the same close relationship with them.

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Topic: Sports

Hero - Christian Movie/Film DVD Advent Film Group Banner 2

Hero - Christian Movie/Film DVD Advent Film Group Banner

Hero - Christian Movie/Film DVD, Advent Film Group

Hero - Christian Movie/Film DVD

Hero, Christian Movie/Film, Advent Film Group Screenshot

Film Cast

  • Burgess Jenkins ~~~ Joe Finn
  • Mark Joy ~~~ Fred
  • Gregory Alan Williams ~~~ Kent Redding
  • Justin Miles ~~~ David Finn
  • R. Keith Harris ~~~ Winston Heller
  • Fred Griffith ~~~ Bill Dawson
  • Nick Edwards ~~~ Sammy Heller
  • Blaine T.F. Goodwin ~~~ Mark Redding
  • Sam Dubin ~~~ Pudge
  • Kenny Hinkle ~~~ Johnny ‘Juice’ Jones
  • Ty Myatt ~~~ Luke
  • Walker Anthony ~~~ Bluford Jones, Jr.
  • Andrea Powell ~~~ Amanda Heller
  • Ashlee Payne ~~~ Hannah Finn
  • Jim McKeny ~~~ Hank

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Advent Film Group Representative: David Cook
Phone: 540-751-1021 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Hero, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Shannon Wiebe says
    25 August 12, 6:29pm

    When is the Hero movie going to be available on dvd. I buy a lot of Christian films and have been waiting for this movie to come out since I saw the trailer at least two years ago. I woul realy like to see this movie. I was so impressed with Come What May and hoped that Advent had more movies available that I have anticipated this film. Please let me know when to look for it. I have not even seen it scheduled for theaters as claimed on the website.

  2. Annelie says
    29 August 12, 9:01am

    We aren’t sure when this is coming out. We know they had a preview screening somewhere and that it seems like it’s getting closer but no release date yet. We are all looking forward to seeing it. You can subscribe to our newsletter which will include the upcoming films for that particular month. Or you can keep checking back from time to time. It is supposed to come out in theaters first.


  3. Rachel says
    09 July 14, 7:24pm

    I hear “Hero” is an excellent movie and a must see for my son but I can’t find it anywhere. Where can I rent or buy this movie?
    Thank you, Rachel

  4. Annelie says
    10 July 14, 9:14am

    It’s not out yet but here is a page about church screenings –


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