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Hidden Rage

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CFDb Review!

We really LOVED this film and the great message within. A must see Christian film, especially for parents and teenagers!  Check out the CFDb Blog about this film.  CFDb Blog!

Film Synopsis:

Joshua, a 17 year old student, goes to school every day, because he has to. Every day he gets picked on, beat up, and bullied. His teachers aren’t aware, security can only react to what they see and his only friend; Stephen, is too afraid to step to his defense. There are signs that his rage is trying to escape, but no one sees them. He indulges his anger in the games that he plays, the lists that he keeps and the movies that he watches.

Until one day he gets pushed too far.

(Parental Warning!)

Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence

Watch Now

  • Aaron Goldenberg ~~~ Joshua
  • Roberto Escobar ~~~ Mr. Almeida
  • Eric Nelson ~~~ Tony
  • Kelly Williams ~~~ Kelly
  • Danielle Berkowitz ~~~ Rebecca
  • Ernesto Hernandez ~~~ Brad
  • Rafaella Biscayn-Debest ~~~ Sofia
  • Dario Lado ~~~ Stephen
  • Barbara Ann Martin ~~~ Joshua’s Mother
  • Carmen Lopez ~~~ Ms. Dukakis
  • Kristen Tarrago ~~~ Ellie
  • Michael Escobar ~~~ Jay
  • Richard Vital ~~~ Richie Rich
  • Felix Serra ~~~ Rafi
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Hidden Rage, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Sherry Spaar says
    22 June 11, 8:41pm

    how do you purchase the movie “Hidden Rage?”

  2. CFDb says
    23 June 11, 6:12am

    Hi Sherry, It has not been released on DVD yet. I will see if they will give me a release date. Thanks

  3. Sandy Moore says
    10 May 12, 10:49am

    Hidden Rage is being released on DVD on July 17, 2012

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