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Hiding Place

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

In 2012 a small piece of country called: National Forrest of Mongohelia was overrun by a powerful government control.

The people who are living in this area are being forced into slavery and kept imprisoned under this new authority, under the leadership of Charles Shinmann. He has been given authority to all their human rights even their very lives. Charles Shinmann also created a small army called the Anti-Religion-Force (A-R-F) that monitors and eliminates people from all religious backgrounds. The (A-R-F) surrounds the National Forest of Mongohelia and prevents people from entering or exiting it.

In this powerful story, God Himself raises up a small group of young people to break the curse of Satan in this corrupted land and break His people free from bondage.

This is not a true story, but it is a characterization of how God worked when He delivered His people out of Egypt and continues delivering His people out of the hands of Satan.

(Parental Warning!)

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  • Candice Habecker ~~~ Allene
  • Don Vogel ~~~ John
  • Cody Parham ~~~ Bryan
  • Ron Householder ~~~ Paul
  • Ken Jagiello ~~~ Edgar
  • Greg Brown ~~~ Charles Shinman
  • Demi Pirrone ~~~ Kisha
  • Luis Velez ~~~ Tommy
  • Tim Jarman ~~~ Fred
  • Ronald Trapani ~~~Evil Soldier/Eric’s Dad
  • Debra Sell ~~~ Eric’s Mom
  • Sonia Mcneill ~~~ Kisha’s Mother
  • Frank Caccamo ~~~ Man in Church
Name/Company: Vision 2 Screen Inc.
Contact Person: Geoffrey Henderson
Phone: 862.219.2074
Website: Film Website
Email: Email Contact

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