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Higher Ground

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Film Synopsis:

A chronicle of one woman’s lifelong struggle with her faith.

The movie begins with a young girl, Corinne, who watches her wholesome family break apart after her parents lose a baby at birth. Later on, at a vacation Bible school, Corinne raises her hand for the preacher and declares that she has been saved.

As the years wear on, however, she remains unchanged, eventually marrying the front man of a rock band, Ethan, when she is noticeably pregnant with his child. Corinne and Ethan, along with their baby daughter, would later get into a dramatic bus accident that would serve as their spiritual wake up call.

The couple then becomes part of a congregation, but Corinne finds herself struggling with the role that she is expected to play as a woman in the church. When her close friend is later struck by a medical tragedy that leaves her in a wheelchair, Corinne goes from struggling to having serious doubts about the faith.

The movie raises questions about strict-Christian practices and orthodoxy when Corinne goes through a falling out with both her husband and the church, though Farmiga claims that attacking Christianity wasn’t her goal.

“I did not want to make a film about the rights and wrongs of religion,” she writes in a statement. “I wanted to be reverent and respectful, and I did not want to infect the story with bias. It is about those moments in life where you lose sight of who you are, what you believe, and where you are going. Those moments of stumbling. The film is about finding your footing, finding higher ground.”

The film has been named an official selection of the 2011 Sundance, Tribeca, and Los Angeles film festivals. The film isn’t for everyone, however, and is rated “R” for language and sexual content. From Christianpost

(Parental Warning: Some Language!)

  • John Hawkes … CW
  • Vera Farmiga … Corinne
  • Donna Murphy … Kathleen
  • Dagmara Dominczyk … Annika
  • Nina Arianda … Wendy
  • Joshua Leonard … Ethan
  • Taissa Farmiga … Young Corinne
  • Bill Irwin … Pastor Bud
  • Boyd Holbrook … Young Ethan
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach … Mark
  • Norbert Leo Butz … Bill
  • Michael Chernus … Ned
  • Sean Mahon … Liam Donovan
  • Reagan Leonard … Hope
  • Natalie Thomas … Liam’s Wife
  • Lucy Owen … Joanne
  • Molly Hawkey … Molly
  • Dannielle Rose … Gabe’s Teacher
  • Laurent Rejto … Gallery Patron
  • Alison Ball … Rebecca – Believer
  • Terry McKenna … Pawn Shop Owner
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