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This film really shows our need for God to fill the emptiness in our lives. The main character is an example of someone changed by God with a burden to share his faith with those from his past.

Film Synopsis:

In the outskirts of the city, where crime is a way of life, the paths of four desperate people collide. Jordan Coleman, a local drug dealer, finds himself at a crossroads when his friend and mentor gets in too deep with a ruthless gangster and club owner.

Chelsea Hammond, an exotic dancer, finds herself being pushed into the dark world of adult entertainment as she fights to regain control of her life. Narcotics detective Sam Riley struggles with an online addiction he has tried to keep hidden from his wife. Reformed street thug Harrison Green goes back to his old neighborhood to try and connect with a street brother he left behind.

These four will face their ultimate test at the hands of Copernicus Jones, a ruthless gangster who will let nothing stand in his way.

  • Stephen Schmaltz ~~~ Jordan Coleman
  • Catrina Fagundes ~~~ Chelsea Hammond
  • Peter Wayne Burke ~~~ Sam Riley
  • Charles J. Upshaw ~~~ Harrison Green
  • Ty Mays ~~~ Quincy Brown
  • Rachel C. Mobley ~~~ Natalie Carlson
  • Kent Burrell ~~~ Copernicus Jones
  • Laura Grieve ~~~ Sheila Riley
  • Susanna Fuller ~~~ Connie Coleman
  • Jessica Corey ~~~ Nichole Coleman
  • Lincoln Dyre ~~~ Freddy
  • Robert J. Lee ~~~ Ivan Gorski
  • Doug Fagundes ~~~ Pastor John Andrews
  • Billy Cheung ~~~ Detective George Lee
  • Billy Mobley ~~~ Danny D
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Hollow, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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