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Home Front

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CFDb Review:

A real reminder of what our military go through while they are fighting for our freedoms and what is MOST important…a relationship with God.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Home Front

Film Description:

Home Front – Three soldiers become unlikely friends after falling into enemy hands in this emotional drama that takes a very different look at war. One by one, Pvt. Aaron Phillips, Lt. Steven Hill, and Sgt. Bryan Monroe are taken hostage. Strangers to one another, each man has his own story and different levels of military experience. While Pvt. Phillips is on his first tour of duty, Lt. Hill has returned to active duty from the reserves, and Sgt. Monroe is on his fourth and final tour.

Trapped in a small and dank prison cell, the soldiers swap stories of their last memories of home, but time is running out, and all of their lives are hanging in the balance.

Original Title: “The Things We Leave Behind”

Home Front 1

  • Timothy Paul Taylor … Pastor
  • Brenda Jo Reutebuch … Linda Phillips
  • Cindy Maples … Chelsea Monroe
  • Nathan Todaro … Paul Jessup (as Nathaniel Todaro)
  • Markus Porter … Pvt. Aaron Phillips
  • Seth Adair … Sgt. Bryan Monroe
  • Michael Loos … Gary
  • Gretchen Bush … Liz Hill
  • John D. Carver … Old Guy in Bar
  • Misty Sisco … Maggie Jessup
  • Jansen Hammock … Lewis Monroe
  • Sheila Mudd Baker … Carol Hill
  • Todd Reynolds … Larry Phillips
  • Tyler Layne … Mikey, Hill
  • Jamie Lee Little … Jennifer hill
  • Sadia Brimm … Erika Vasser
  • Jeremiah Johnson … Lt. Steven Hill
  • Terry Westfall … Drew Jessup
  • Brent Bredhold … Jason Maxwell
Company: Rossetti Productions
Contact Person: Chip Rossetti
Phone: 812-454-9784
Email: Email Contact
Home Front, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 27 December 12, 6:14pm

    Very excited about this project. It’s a good story that must be told.

  2. Brenda Jo Reutebuch says
    17 January 13, 9:12pm
    Here is a new trailer for the film. It’s going to be a great film.

  3. Kabrina Paconni says
    06 July 13, 11:28am

    Looking forward to seeing this.

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