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Homeless for the Holidays

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CFDb Review!

Based on a true story, circumstances literally change this family into the family they were meant to be. It reminds us how God intervenes in our lives. Another MUST SEE!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review!

Film Synopsis:

Jack Baker (Matt Moore) was a successful marketing director, on the fast-track to the top – until a mixup with a faulty label cost him his job. Unable to find another executive position in a shaky economy, Jack must take a job at a local burger joint in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, he discovers that his minimum wage job is NOT making ends meet, and that, if something doesn’t change soon, his family could lose everything by Christmas!

  • Matt Moore … Jack Baker
  • Crystal Dewitt-Hinkle … Sheryl Baker
  • Cole Brandenberger … Adam Baker
  • Gabrielle Phillips … Michelle Baker
  • Russ Bruzek … Santa/Greeter
  • Michael Wilhelm … Mr. Fergusson
  • David Sisco … Wesley
  • Brad Stine … Crazy Supermarket Manager
  • Jessica Price … Adult Michelle Baker
  • Ben Johnson … Eddie
  • George A. Johnson … Rude Guy In Bathroom
  • Mark S. Esch … Crazy Frank
  • Richard ‘Rick’ Bobier … Homeless Man
  • Karen Johnson … Business Executive
  • McKenna Thomas … Penguin Point Girl
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Homeless for the Holidays, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Robin Rhoads says
    12 December 15, 6:31am

    I just watched this movie and I wanted to tell you that it was an excellent movie! I hope yo see many more of your wonderful movues! Thank you!

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