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Hope for Hurting Hearts

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Hope for Hurting Hearts

Film Description:

Hope for Hurting Hearts – Everyone has to deal with crises in life, including Christians. And sometimes, the reality of life can seem unbearable. But we can rest in the knowledge that God loves us, He weeps in our times of pain, and He can be glorified through suffering. Hope for Hurting Hearts tells the stories of how Greg Laurie, Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic, and their families dealt with times of extreme suffering.

Each of these men has stood at a spiritual crossroads marked by challenging and painful circumstances, and each has chosen the road of trusting, following, and glorifying God. You will be encouraged by these intimate accounts, which give a glimpse into God’s perspective on suffering, and declare that there truly is hope for hurting hearts.

Hope for Hurting Hearts, Screenshot

Hope for Hurting Hearts, laurie

  • Greg Laurie –                     Himself
  • Cathe Laurie –                   Herself
  • Jeremy Camp –                 Himself
  • Nick Vujicic –                    Himself
  • Dr James Dobson –           Special Narration
  • Nathan Marlow – Man with Flag
  • Candice Hudson –         LA Mother
  • Malia Hudson –         LA Daughter
  • Jeremy Russell – Soldier
  • Jessica Lovegrove –         Party Girl
  • Albert Chang –         Abusive Husband
  • Anita Liao – Abused Wife
  • Luke Jackson – Basketball Player
  • Ashleigh Clesceri –         Nick Vujicic Mother
  • Steffen Sommers- Nick Vujicic Father
  • Asher Wiggins-         Young Nick Vujicic
  • Jordan Vejnar –         Toy Store Father
  • Kade Prosser –         Toy Store Son
  • Joe Solazzo –         Man on a Ledge
  • Page Zelasko –         Wife of Man on a Ledge
  • Bethany Zelasko –          Daughter 1 of Man on a Ledge
  • Areli Zelasko –          Daughter 2 of Man on a Ledge
  • Israel Zelasko –  Son of Man on a Ledge
  • Mariah Rickard – Teenage Cutter
  • Mary Ives- Teen Bully 1
  • Dayani Monzon- Teen Bully 2
  • Elizabeth Hicks- Teen Bully 3
  • Fred Faulkner-         Man on Porch
  • Kristin Camden- Woman on Porch
  • Hunter Mariano- Jeremy Camp
  • Kayla Ormonde- Melissa Camp
  • Mitchell A Neal – Father Hospital/Home
  • Kimberly Fabian- Mother Hospital/Home
  • Kristin Daly Daughter Hospital/Home
  • Roberto Crespo         Boxer
  • Dr Samuel Kumar Doctor
  • Omar Franco         Boxer Trainee
Company: Harvest Films
Contact Person: Gary Zelasko
Phone: 951-687-6902
Email: Email Contact

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