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Hopeful Notes

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Hopeful Notes

Film Description:

Hopeful Notes – A heartwarming and inspirational story. Alex , an Italian engineer, has been working in Russia for several years. At the end of his contract, he announces to his friends and colleagues that he will go back to Italy. But, after accidentally meeting Dima, a child who is a cancer patient in a local hospital, he decides to reconsider his future. The boy introduces Alex to the other young patients of his ward, where he decides to volunteer by playing piano.

Alex is suddenly engulfed into a reality that is too often forgotten: many children are in a daily fight for their life against frightening illnesses. Hopeful Notes is an inspiring tale about bringing hope to those who have none.

Hopeful Notes - Christian Movie Film on DVD from Pure Flix 1

Hopeful Notes - Christian Movie Film on DVD from Pure Flix 2

  • Walter Nudo … Alex
  • Colin Ross … Dima
  • Ian Poland … Misha
  • Laural Merlington … Olga
  • Sharon Hayes … Elena
  • Kimberly Harsch … Maria
  • Robert Gray … Doctor
  • Grace Heemstra … Lilly
  • Kaitlyn Squires … Sandra
  • Nicholas Sarjeant … Anton
  • Abeni Wimbush … Nadja
  • Richard ‘Rocky’ Rector … Vladi
  • Dennis Janiske … Pawnbroker
  • Lori Silvey … Newscaster
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Fax: 480-473-9811
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