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A Horse Called Bear

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A Horse Called Bear

Film Description:

A Horse Called Bear – A Faith Based Movie about a Horse, a troubled son, his unforgiving grandfather, his distressed mother, 3 neighbor children, a bully and her father.

After his mother unexpectedly dies, 17-year-old Ethan discovers he is the owner of his mother’s horse – a horse he never even knew existed. He travels cross country to live with his grandparents and investigate the mystery. His grandmother is supportive but his angry grandfather Otto doesn’t seem to want him around.

Next door live three children who are taking riding lessons at the same farm where his mother’s horse is boarded. Their lives intersect as Ethan deals with his grief over his mother’s death and the children deal with a neighborhood bully whose father works at the horse farm. The journey for Ethan, Otto, the three children, the bully and her father all revolve around a gentle and faithful horse called Bear who deeply touches all their lives.

This is a delightful redemption-themed family movie that will appeal to children, teens, horse-lovers and people of all ages.

Release Date: (DVD) Summer, 2015

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Topic: Bullying

A Horse

A Horse Called Bear Screenshot

A Horse Called

Film Cast

  • Nicholas Ryan Gibbs … Ethan Riley
  • Wayne E. Brown … Otto Brown
  • Austin Farnsworth … Austin Baker
  • Katelyn Grace Farnsworth … Katelyn Baker
  • Allison Marie Farnsworth … Allison Baker
  • Dawn Storey … Gloria Brown
  • Kristina Kaylen … Rachel
  • Ryan-Iver Klann … Pastor Andy
  • Jared Withrow … Jeff
  • Heather Fairbanks … Beth Baker
  • Michael Brennan … Joe Baker
  • Haley Klann … Hannah
  • Gwen Gornicki … Gwen
  • Tim Kaiser … Carl
  • Joseph Cloutier Jr. … Stephen
  • Jamie Fuller … Sara
  • Joey Santana … Josh
  • Terri Partyka … Lawyer
  • Bailey Bonin … Austin’s Friend 1
  • Wesley Gibbs … Austin’s Friend 2
  • Kadin Wessel … Austin’s Friend 3
  • Jocelyn Klann … Girls’ Friend 1
  • Kaelyn Parker … Girls’ Friend 2
  • Hannah Partyka … Girls’ Friend 3

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Reveal Film Group Representative: Penny Carlisi
Phone: 248-756-1692 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: Milford, MI, USA

Film Details

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