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I Am Potential

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CFDb Review:

A film to make you want to go out and take on the world, becoming all God intended us to be.  CFDb Movie Review coming soon.

I Am Potential

Film Description:

I Am Potential – A father’s journey to help his blind and wheel-chair bound son to overcome impossible odds and allow the world to see his God-given potential.

“I Am Potential” is based on the amazing true story of Patrick Henry Hughes. Patrick Henry was born with two incredibly rare conditions. One caused him to be born without eyes, and another prevented his joints from forming properly. This is the story of how a father learned to sacrifice all of his own dreams and plans for the sake of his son. At his home in Louisville, KY Patrick Henry continued to face opposition through surgery after surgery. While his father worked to provide for the expensive procedures, Patrick Henry dreamed of one day becoming a member of a real marching band.

Patrick Henry had to fight all the odds as he became an accomplished pianist, trumpet player, and singer, despite all of the challenges. The Hughes family’s story reminds us all to look at the things we have, rather than the things we don’t, as we all try to reach our God-given potential.

Release Date: (DVD) May 9, 2016

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Topic: Disabilities

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I Am Potential - Christian Movie/Film Patrick Henry Hughes - Banner 2

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Film Cast

  • Burgess Jenkins … Patrick John Hughes
  • Jimmy Bellinger … Patrick Henry Hughes
  • Jama Williamson … Patricia Hughes
  • Judge Reinhold … Dr. Greg Byrne
  • Lance E. Nichols … Charles
  • Ted Johnson … Granddad
  • Callan Wilson … Jesse Hughes
  • Drew Shugart … Cameron Hughes
  • Pam Tillis … Herself
  • Gary Ray Moore … Dr. Lyons
  • Bonnie Johnson … Granny
  • Kwame Boateng … Bryce
  • Phil Russell … Kevin Howard
  • Sarah Karjian … Sarah McClave
  • Jerry Chipman … Bill
  • Amye Gousset … Bev Mattingly
  • Ryan King … Mike Rundell
  • Shannon Kathleen Baker … Nurse
  • Patrick John Hughes … Terry Meiners
  • David Joseph Martinez … Doctor Rogers
  • Ella Jeffries … Snobby Girl
  • Jack Britt … Patrick Henry Hughes (15 months)
  • Levi Britt … Patrick Henry Hughes (15 months)
  • Shay Hereford … Nurse 2
  • Norma Torrez … Nurse 3
  • Zander Kaufer … Game Fan
  • Amanda McElroy … Teacher
  • James Pasierbowicz … Cheering Fan / Fan in Bleachers
  • Melissa Swan … Newswoman
  • Amanda E. Terry … Fan
  • Christina Terry … Fan
  • Paul Cecil … Game Fan

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Film Details

I Am Potential, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Rick Pedley says
    27 August 16, 4:45am

    And incredibly this very same “god” presumably caused him to be born blind and crippled. I wonder what the youung fetus’s sin or crime was to be intentionally afflicted in such manner?

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