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I’m Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story

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I’m Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story

Film Description:

I’m Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story – On April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School, two teenage boys entered their high school with guns and homemade bombs planning to kill hundreds of their classmates. They would murder 12 students and 1 teacher before turning their guns on themselves.

The first student that died was Rachel Joy Scott. She was eating lunch in the courtyard outside when she was shot and multiple times. The killers knew Rachel. They were in classes together and Rachel had shared her faith in Jesus with them. Moments before her death, they mocked her, “Do you still believe in your God?” With a gun at her head she replied, “You know that I do.”

I’m Not Ashamed is Rachel’s story from her own words. Drawn directly from her writings, we discover the hope in this tragedy. We find the story of a student who showed radical compassion to the hurting and unnoticed. It’s the true story of a girl who was not ashamed to share her love for Jesus to those around her, even to her killers.

Release Date: (Theaters) October 21st, 2016

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA

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Topic: Biography

I'm Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story, Christian Movie/Film - Banner 2

I'm Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story, Christian Movie/Film - Banner

Film Cast

  • Masey McLain … Rachel Joy Scott
  • Ben Davies … Nathan Ballard
  • Cameron McKendry … Alex
  • Terri Minton … Beth Nimmo
  • Victoria Staley … Madison
  • Taylor Kalupa … Gabby
  • Elle Roberts … Celine
  • Sadie Robertson … Charity
  • David Errigo Jr. … Eric Harris
  • Cory Chapman … Dylan Klebold
  • Mark Daugherty … Kevin
  • Justin Cone … Sean
  • Jennifer O’Neill … Linda
  • Ben VanderMey … Brian Riggs
  • Jaci Velasquez … Mrs. Diaz
  • Nancy Stafford … Mrs. Talbot
  • Matthew Schuler … K.J.
  • Korie Robertson … Aunt Bea
  • Josh Castle … Dave
  • Daniel Simpkins … Austin
  • Nola Fulk … Young Rachel
  • Bella Robertson … Anna
  • Derick Von Tagen … Craig Scott
  • Anna Grace Stewart … Dana Scott
  • Ashlyn Moore … Bethanee Scott
  • John Newberg … Larry Nimmo
  • Isaac Lovoy … Mike Scott
  • Lauren Crawford … Amy
  • Abigail Duhon … Chloe
  • Ryan Ketzner … Nerd
  • Brentley Gore … Coffee Shop Manager
  • Payton Christian … Columbine Student
  • Doug Griffin … Radio Announcer
  • Jessa Zarubica … Roxanne
  • Rose Reid … Kim
  • Reen Vogel … Coffee Shop Patron
  • Darby Cappillino … Young Dana
  • Steven Dady … Tony
  • Julianne Fincher … Prom Attendee
  • Wynn Reichert … History Teacher
  • Amelia Mann … Mourner at the Funeral
  • Omar Lagudali … Miller
  • Austin Cole … Student Athlete – White Hat Club
  • Michael Ketzner … Video white hat
  • Abigail Johnson … Columbine Student
  • Karissa Wheeler … Columbine Student
  • Madalyn Alston … Breakthrough
  • Tammy Hyler … Mrs. Whitehurst
  • Benny Proffitt … Thrift store clerk
  • Justin Landry … Trench Coat Mafia
  • Victoria Cassida … Mourner at the Funeral
  • Schalet Jackson … Columbine Teacher

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Pure Flix Entertainment Representative:
Phone: 1 480 991 2258 Fax: 1 480 473 9811
Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Film Details

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  1. Anna says
    23 October 16, 5:05pm

    This was one of the most powerful films we’ve ever seen. So many things we didn’t realize about her story. We highly recommend this film.

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