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In God’s Time

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In God’s Time AKA: The Wristwatch

Film Description:

Four broken souls find their faith in God.

Living in a big city can be very lonely and discouraging—but then sometimes God will intervene in order to repair broken relationships, hearts and souls.

Set in Los Angeles, the loneliest city in the world, the film “In God’s Time” relates such a journey as it follows four characters who have lost their faith and are struggling with the gritty challenges of a life filled with anger, sorrow, resentment and fear.

Enter a mysterious watchmaker named Charlie, who sets in motion a chain of events with a special wristwatch that brings a new perspective on the past. The wristwatch first takes hold of a curmudgeonly panhandler named Jerry and then weaves its way to transform the other characters—Rorry, a millennial who is on the outs with her parents due to an unplanned pregnancy; Dr. Keith Phillips, Rorry’s uncle, who pressures her to get an abortion; and Brandon, a lost soul who has been living out of his car since going AWOL from the Army. As each one of them comes to face their personal trials (addiction, terminal illness, death of loved one), it is through the power of the wristwatch they have a chance to encounter the healing love of Christ… all in God’s time.

Release Date: April 04, 2017

Film Cast

  • Mady Bergman … AA Attendee
  • Christian Calloway … Bum #1
  • Tonita Castro … Lupe
  • Murray Fischer … AA Attendee
  • Pat Fitz … Brandon
  • Sam Horrigan … Jesus
  • Liesl Jackson … Girlfriend #1
  • Elaine Kratofil … Nurse
  • Kelci C. Magel … Rorry
  • John P. Moore … Panhandler
  • Cortney Palm … Gemma
  • Vasilios Papadamakis … AA Attendee
  • Rhoda Pell … AA Attendee
  • Robert Peters … Dr. Phillips
  • Samuel Popp … White Boy Thug #1 / JT’s Partner
  • Bill Porter … Jerry
  • Bethany Regan … Girlfriend #2
  • Keanu Mackenzie Rivera … AA Attendee
  • J.R. Starr … The Man
  • Shannah Laumeister Stern … Karen Pillips (as Shannah Laumeister)
  • Grant Summers … Gemma’s Husband
  • Sheila Thiele … Steph
  • André Van Driessche … J.T.

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Film Details

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