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In Gramps’ Shoes

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CFDb Review:

A great example of practical Christianity in action.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

In Gramps’ Shoes

Film Description:

In Gramps’ Shoes  – After 20 years of praying for his daughter to let him back into her life, 65-year-old Ty gets his wish when the prodigal requests his help in dealing with a financial bind and her rebellious teenage son. Ty’s first encounter with his grandson, whom the grandfather has never met, leads to a challenge for a two mile race that alters the course of life of the young man as well as the grandfather.

Watch this interview with the Crossville Chamber of Commerce regarding the shooting of In Gramps’ Shoes in the Crossville area.

Sneak Preview

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In Gramps’ Shoes
Gramps Goes to College

In Gramps' Shoes, Christian Film

In Gramps Shoes, Christian Movie

  •   Francine Locke … Amy
  •   Brittany Blades … Sally
  •   Jeff Rose … Coach Carlson
  •   Andrew Wilson Williams … Scott
  •   Tony Caudill … College Recruiter
  •   Ryan Patrick Williams … Duke
  •   Timothy Paul Taylor … Banker
  •   Greyson Turner … TJ
  •   Grace Etzkorn … Chelsey
  •   Donald James Parker … Gramps
  •   Greg Robbins … Andy Douglas
  •   Denny Brownlee … Peter
  •   Donna Botts … Neighbor
  •   Keegan Martion … Troy
  •   Gavin Martion … Adam
  •   Sherri Killam-Williams … Grocer
  •   Karen Martion … Announcer 2
Company: Sword of the Spirit Publishing
Contact Person: Donald Parker
Phone: 931-287-0280
Email: Email Contact
In Gramps' Shoes, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Laurie Morgan says
    21 February 15, 6:58am

    I enjoyed the storyline presented in the movie, In Gramp’s Shoes. It’s beautiful to see how Gramp lived simply by God’s will. As we commonly face resistance and obstacles on this journey, Gramp’s patience and interaction with the family made a resounding impact through his love of running. This movie would inspire a sedentary person to get up and run. The cast did a superb job portraying the dynamics of the Douglas family!

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