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In His Steps

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CFDb Review:

A great movie based on the timeless classic, “In His Steps”!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.  Also check out the podcast interview with Rebekah Cook, and written interview, who played Virginia Page.

In His Steps

Film Description:

In His Steps  – A small group of compassionate Christians attempt to transform an apathetic congregation in this modern-day adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s highly acclaimed novel. When a stranger wanders into First Church in Raymond, Pastor Henry Maxwell is convicted by the homeless man’s harsh words.

Embarking on a crusade to walk In His Steps, Maxwell challenges his congregation to do nothing for an entire year without first asking, “What would Jesus do?” However, with family strife, church politics, and scorned lovers in their way, can they keep their promise, or will they slip back into their comfortable routines?

Re-Release Date: (DVD) February 10, 2015

In His Steps

In His Steps 1

  • Laura Seabrook – Rachel Winslow
  • Rebekah Cook – Virginia Page
  • Ken Lawrence – Pastor Henry Maxwell
  • Kent Cox – Alex Powers
  • Samuel Carr – Jasper Chase
  • Cesar Marquez – Jack Manning
  • Max Caudell – Ron Page
  • Rich Swingle – John Gray
  • Stacey Bradshaw – Loreen
  • Judy Peters – Beatrice Page
  • Kwende Kiemle – Clark
  • Hannah Marshall – Celia Powers
  • Nanci Cox – Brittany Powers
  • Sylvia Atkins – Mrs. Winslow
  • Chris Lawrence – Mary Maxwell
  • Tim Kaiser – Gene
  • F. Ed Knutson – Larry
  • Kevin Kell – Dennis
  • Zack Lawrence – Matt
  • Daniel Stibral – Vlogger
  • Victoria Marquez – Jack’s Daughter
Company: Standing Sun Productions
Contact Person:
Email: Email Contact
In His Steps, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. godchaser says
    09 December 13, 6:25pm

    Not nearly as good as the original and not nearly as good as the same movie under the title of WWJD – What would Jesus Do with John Schneider as the mysterious drifter. The message is the same, the story is the same only this is an even lower budget regurgitated retelling with less imagination. Save you time and money see the other versions first and read the book which is based on actual events.

  2. 10 January 15, 4:08pm

    I have this DVD in my collection. It is a wonderful, family friendly film about the seriousness of your walk with the Lord. I was surprised by the ending, but pleasantly so. I hope this will challenge anyone’s walk with the Lord in life and in ministry.

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