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In Mysterious Ways

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Suddenly, Chad’s world has collapsed on him. No job, poor health and a dead marriage have left him without meaning or purpose in his life.

Bitter about the loss of his wife, Chad lashes out at everyone he meets with bitterness, sarcasm and self-pity. Inside, he bears the guilt for what happened to his marriage, a guilt that is gradually consuming him.

He’d rather give up than let anyone too close. But an unusual find in a yard sale turns his life upside down, and starts him back on the path of faith and forgiveness.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

  • Karen Boles … Katy
  • Bekka Prewitt … Darlene
  • Percy Metcalf … Reverend Donaldson
  • Tom Luce … Dr. Carelli
  • Lauren Parkinson … Carrie
  • Russell Wyndham … Kevin
  • Kari Cornwell … Aubrey
  • Susan Morreale … Katy’s Mom
  • Scott R. Davis … Chad
  • Sonny Burnette … Parishoner
  • Dave Haney … Homeless Man
  • Lisette Markham … Toaster Lady
  • Vin Morreale Jr. … Uncle Lawrence
  • Kayla Perkins … Natalie
  • James Tackett … Restaurant Patron
  • Anthony Wentzel … Sad Eyed Man
Name/Company: Inspiration Ink & Picture Company
Contact Person: Vin Morreale
Phone: 502-608-3364
Email: Email Contact

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