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In Other Words

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Film Synopsis:

Jeremy Wilde is a 17-year old white boy who went deaf at the age of 5.  Shortly thereafter he lost his father in a tragic accident.  Since this time he has become withdrawn from others and refuses to learn to speak.  His mother has done everything she can to help him, but she is at her wits end and finally decides to send him to a special boarding school that integrates special needs students with typical students to assist them in functioning in society.

Jeremy is scheduled to take speech therapy sessions every other day, but from his very first visit he shows that he is not willing to cooperate with the therapist.  She does her best to convince him of the importance of learning to communicate with the hearing world, but he will not relent.
At school Jeremy encounters Lenora Allbright, a black girl his age who has been blind her entire life.  The daughter of a Baptist minister, her faith is strong, and she is determined not to be held back by her disability.  In the evenings as Jeremy does janitorial work he stops frequently by the dance studio to witness Lenora practicing interpretive dance.  One such evening he spills too much mop water on the hallway floor, causing Lenora to slip and injure herself.  With nobody else to help her, he picks her up and carries her to a telephone to call for help.  They cannot communicate in any way, but the encounter leaves an impression upon Lenora, sparking her curiosity about the silent one who came to her aid.

Jeremy writes Lenora a note and seeks the aid of a learning center teacher to show him how to convert it to Braille.  She response to the note, and they begin to communicate back and forth this way for a time.  Lenora’s strong faith and love for God challenges Jeremy to rethink how he has reacted to his disability all these years.

Lenora gets the idea of purchasing a communication board for Jeremy so that he can speak to her and teach her how to sign.  When the speech therapist discovers what is happening she privately urges Lenora to do what is best for Jeremy by encouraging him to learn how to talk.  Lenora takes a risk by bringing up this topic, but it angers Jeremy, and he destroys the communication board.

Eventually Jeremy begins to regret what he did, but before he can apologize to Lenora she is involved in a tragic accident that leaves her in a coma.  Jeremy finally confronts God and offers to end his silence if He will spare Lenora’s life.  Lenora recovers, and Jeremy begins to open his life to God for the first time.

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  • Ryan Lane … Jeremy
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