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In Over My Head

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In Over My Head

Film Description:

In Over My Head is the story of Nathan Edwards, a rich, spoiled college graduate who finds himself the guardian of his young siblings after their parents untimely death. Heir to the family fortune and his father’s thriving business, he is immature and unprepared. Trying to please his bossy girlfriend and school administrators, he cycles through stereotypical nannies and trips over the girl of his dreams.

Sarah is everything his spoiled girlfriend is not. She is beautiful, funny, brave and spiritual. And a match for his siblings. Sarah’s unspoiled love for them, and her godly courage to protect them at the risk of her own life, compels Nathan to examine his life and choices. Realizing they need more, they invite themselves to church with Sarah, where they discover the power and love of Jesus to bring healing and stability into their lives.

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Topic: Strong Foundation Films

Film Cast

  • Tabitha Bonner … Tabitha the Hairdresser
  • Nate Constant … John
  • Joshua Cruz … Caterer
  • Jon Dahl … Pastor
  • Sun East … Young Ah
  • Chloe Flores … Rachel
  • Luanna Graham … Wanda
  • Rafael Hernández … Dr. Joe
  • Daryl Jones … Bob
  • Josh Kestner … Travis
  • Erica Lloyd … Sarah
  • Zachary Michael … Ethan
  • Michael Miller … Dad
  • T.R. Miller … Principal
  • Betzabe Nava … Mary
  • Desera Price … Mom
  • Andrea Reliford … Salon Receptionist
  • Dave Rhoades … Lawyer
  • Josiah David Warren … Nathan

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Strong Foundation Films Representative: Desera Price
Phone: 303-349-6177 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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