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Film Description:

Two Men. Eight Centuries. One Song.

Amid financial pressures and the uncertainties of World War I, Pastor Frederick Lehman begins to compose a song about the love of God. When Frederick gets stuck on the third verse, his ten-year-old son, Blynn, calls a sibling council to help Papa finish the song. While the Lehman kids get to work, they waste a lot of paper, explore an old asylum, meet a real Jewish Rabbi, and learn about events that took place over eight centuries earlier.

As Blynn grapples with feelings of failure and grief, it’s up to Frederick to help his son discover the truth about God’s love. The true story of how the classic hymn “The Love of God” came to be, Indescribable features the vocals of gospel music singer Guy Penrod.

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Reactions to the screening at the San Antonio International Christian Film Festival

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Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence

  • Rebekah Cook … Claudia
  • Rich Swingle … Papa
  • Cesar Marquez … Guillaume
  • Zack Lawrence … Gentleman
  • Sarah Cook … Librarian
  • Daniel Stibral … Crusader
  • Nathanael Brunner … Telegraph Boy
  • Jacob Machac … Messenger
  • Andrew Cook … Donald
  • Alexandra Pruski … Pauline
  • Britt White … Count Emicho
  • David Machac … Mr. Whitner
  • Keith Pilkington … Rabbi Lazer
  • Amelia Austin … Eva
  • Gabriel Everson … James
  • Rebecca Graber … Mama Ellie
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