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Insight: TV Series

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Film Synopsis:

Beginning in the 1960s, Paulist Productions produced the Emmy award winning Insight series, a collection of 250 half-hour dramas illuminating the contemporary search for meaning, freedom and love. The series uses many different story telling forms – comedy, melodrama and fantasy – to explore in depth the moral dilemmas faced by men and women.

Award-winning religious program “Insight” aired from 1960 to 1984. The purpose of the series was to dramatize the deep ethical and spiritual conflicts of modern man in a way that suggests a humanistic solution…. Some subjects explored in the upcoming Insight series included dishonesty in marriage, college agnosticism, psychology of hate, guilt and death, automation, narcotics, spiritual isolation, racism, hypocrisy, morality of warfare, alcoholism, and community-police relations.

Father Ellwood E. Keiser, the producer-host, stated that the show was concerned “with the dignity of man in the modern world, caught between the confusing forces of good and evil, between strength and weakness.” The series’ aim was to create a “God-centered universe into which non-believing viewers will be invited to enter and look around.” Produced by Paulist Productions in California, with well-known actors who appeared regularly on the show and worked without pay.

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Insight TV Series

Insight: TV Series

Father Ellwood E. Keiser

30 min Each (265 episodes)

Season 1, Episode 1: Ecce Homo
Original Air Date—2 October 1960

Season 1, Episode 6: Diary of a Beatnik
Original Air Date—30 October 1960

Season 1, Episode 7: Fisher of Men
Original Air Date—6 November 1960

Season 1, Episode 9: Operation Dignity
Original Air Date—20 November 1960

Season 7, Episode 4: The Highest Bidder
Original Air Date—15 January 1967

Season 12, Episode 15: The Clown of Freedom
Original Air Date—10 December 1971
A clown and his troupe are arrested for political subversion.

Season 14, Episode 25: Skid Row
Original Air Date—23 June 1974

Season 15, Episode 2: Five Without Faces
Original Air Date—29 September 1974

17 Going Nowhere
Original Air Date—15 November 1980
A Box for Mr. Lipton
Original Air Date—10 April 1972
A Decision to Love
Original Air Date—18 June 1981
A Family of Winners
Original Air Date—18 November 1979
A Friend in Deed
Original Air Date—30 December 1979
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way
Original Air Date—1967
A Gun for Mandy
Original Air Date—15 November 1982
A Long Road Home
Original Air Date—3 October 1980
A Man Called Don
Original Air Date—2 February 1971
A Reason to Live
Original Air Date—13 November 1966
A Slight Change in Plans
Original Air Date—6 June 1979
A Slight Drinking Problem
Original Air Date—11 September 1977
A Small Statistic
Original Air Date—30 April 1967
A Step Too Slow
Original Air Date—5 April 1981
A Thief Named Dismas
Original Air Date—1965
A Thousand Red Flowers
Original Air Date—27 July 1969
A Woman of Principle
Original Air Date—21 May 1970
All Out
Original Air Date—29 January 1982
All the Little Plumes in Pain
Original Air Date—17 September 1967
All the Things I’ve Never Liked
Original Air Date—31 July 1968
And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down
Original Air Date—26 April 1974
Arnstein’s Miracle
Original Air Date—26 May 1977
Attention Must Be Paid
Original Air Date—24 April 1973
Beelzebub & the Bolsheviks
Original Air Date—15 January 1962
Belfast, Black on Green
Original Air Date—3 May 1978
Blind Man’s Bluff
Original Air Date—9 April 1976
Original Air Date—4 May 1973
Boss Toad
Original Air Date—24 May 1964
Bourbon in Suburbia
Original Air Date—15 April 1970
Original Air Date—19 March 1963
Brothers in the Dark
Original Air Date—1964
Original Air Date—1983
Original Air Date—4 April 1980
Celebration in Fresh Powder
Original Air Date—11 July 1973
Charlie, You Made the Night Too Long
Original Air Date—30 April 1969
Original Air Date—13 November 1979
Original Air Date—18 February 1980
Original Air Date—1970
Christ, Caesar, Conscience
Original Air Date—5 March 1962
Christian Marriage
Original Air Date—1961
Christmas 2025
Original Air Date—17 October 1977
Class Reunion
Original Air Date—20 January 1975
Cleaning House
Original Air Date—1 January 1983
Original Air Date—29 May 1970
Consider the Zebra
Original Air Date—2 June 1969
Original Air Date—4 March 1984
Original Air Date—12 December 1967
Cross in Crisis
Original Air Date—18 March 1962
Cross of Russia
Original Air Date—1964
Crunch on Spruce Street
Original Air Date—24 March 1974
Cry of Terror
Original Air Date—9 January 1970
Cum Laude, Come Lonely
Original Air Date—1976
Death and the Future Life
Original Air Date—1961
Death of an Elephant
Original Air Date—1 February 1971
Don’t Elbow Me Off the Earth
Original Air Date—7 May 1966
Don’t Let Me Catch You Praying
Original Air Date—18 June 1966
Dry Commitment
Original Air Date—8 May 1967
Dutton’s Choice
Original Air Date—29 October 1983
Original Air Date—17 February 1974
Every 90 Seconds
Original Air Date—9 December 1982
Original Air Date—15 May 1970
Eye of the Camel
Original Air Date—1973
Fabric of Freedom
Original Air Date—19 February 1962
Faith: A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
Original Air Date—1961
Fat Hands and a Diamond Ring
Original Air Date—12 November 1967

For Better or for Worse
Original Air Date—3 March 1963
For Love or Money
Original Air Date—14 July 1982
For the Love of Annie
Original Air Date—11 May 1976
Original Air Date—1 March 1972
Original Air Date—6 January 1974
Girl in Freefall
Original Air Date—21 July 1976
God in the Dock
Original Air Date—10 November 1980
God’s Guerillas
Original Air Date—14 May 1981
Original Air Date—28 May 1981
Graduation Day
Original Air Date—22 May 1972
Original Air Date—1961
Happy Birthday Marvin
Original Air Date—10 April 1973
He Lived with Us, He Ate with Us, What Else, Dear?
Original Air Date—1968
Heart of Liberty
Original Air Date—12 February 1962
Hellhound Blues
Original Air Date—13 May 1975
Hey, Hey, Billy Raye
Original Air Date—31 May 1970
Hey, Janitor
Original Air Date—4 July 1973
His Feet Don’t Stink
Original Air Date—2 April 1976
Holy Moses
Original Air Date—2 July 1979
Hunger Knows My Name
Original Air Date—1975
I Want to Die
Original Air Date—9 May 1977
I’m Gonna Be Free
Original Air Date—16 May 1972
IOU, My Brother
Original Air Date—5 March 1962
Incident on Danker Street
Original Air Date—4 April 1970
Original Air Date—21 August 1971
Is Anybody Listening?
Original Air Date—1 March 1978
Is the 11:59 Late This Year?
Original Air Date—5 October 1969
It Can’t Happen to Me
Original Air Date—15 November 1978
Jazz Hebraica
Original Air Date—31 May 1964
Jesus B.C.
Original Air Date—10 July 1976
Just Before Eve
Original Air Date—1 May 1978
Original Air Date—16 April 1976
Original Air Date—20 April 1972
Leave Me Alone, God
Original Air Date—28 July 1982
Original Air Date—20 May 1977
Little Miseries
Original Air Date—15 November 1981
Locusts Have No King
Original Air Date—1965
Look Back to the Garden
Original Air Date—3 May 1968
Loser Take All
Original Air Date—30 May 1978
Love Song of the Cuckoo Birds
Original Air Date—4 May 1972
Original Air Date—13 May 1967
Vera Miles plays the publisher of a racy women’s magazine in this episode about pornography.
Man Who Went Blue Sky
Original Air Date—24 May 1974
Man in the Middle
Original Air Date—19 June 1971
Man of the Year
Original Air Date—30 October 1977
Original Air Date—15 June 1982
Missing Persons Bureau
Original Air Date—7 May 1981
Original Air Date—31 May 1974
Mr. Johnson’s Had the Course
Original Air Date—8 May 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Bliss
Original Air Date—29 April 1980
Original Air Date—1968
Murder in the Family
Original Air Date—4 June 1967
Guilt over an abortion causes a marriage to crumble.
No More Mananas
Original Air Date—18 May 1971
No Tears for Kelsey
Original Air Date—3 April 1969
Nobody Loves a Rich Uncle
Original Air Date—13 May 1972
Old King Cole
Original Air Date—28 April 1970
Out of the Depths
Original Air Date—1 January 1975
Plus Time Served
Original Air Date—3 May 1979
Politics Can Become a Habit
Original Air Date—8 August 1966
Prayer from the Abyss
Original Air Date—17 April 1971
Prince of Apple Towns
Original Air Date—15 November 1970
Original Air Date—4 April 1980
Prometheus Bound
Original Air Date—8 May 1970
Rebirth of Packy Rowe
Original Air Date—29 December 1979
Original Air Date—31 March 1976
Religious Program
Original Air Date—1 February 1978
Original Air Date—1981
Original Air Date—1 February 1980
Original Air Date—27 October 1974
Original Air Date—19 April 1973
Original Air Date—12 September 1976
Roomates on a Rain Day
Original Air Date—1 January 1973
Original Air Date—1969
Second Chorus
Original Air Date—1 April 1978
Seed of Dissent
Original Air Date—23 April 1967
Seventeen Forever
Original Air Date—1975
She’s Waiting for Us
Original Air Date—10 May 1977
Sinners, Inc.
Original Air Date—5 February 1962
Snow in Summer
Original Air Date—22 July 1966
So Little Time
Original Air Date—29 December 1982
Some Talk About Pool Rooms and Gin Mills
Original Air Date—3 September 1967
Somewhere Before
Original Air Date—27 March 1975
Stranger in My Shoes
Original Air Date—1965
Original Air Date—1982
The 34th Hour
Original Air Date—5 May 1968
The 7 Minute Life of James Houseworthy
Original Air Date—2 April 1970
The Agitator
Original Air Date—17 April 1963
The Ballad of Alma Gerlayne
Original Air Date—8 May 1968
The Bird of the Mast
Original Air Date—16 June 1971
The Boy and the Bomb
Original Air Date—5 April 1963
The Capitalist
Original Air Date—1964
The Children of Israel
Original Air Date—1961
The Coffee House
Original Air Date—6 June 1966
The Coming of Clone
Original Air Date—1 March 1973
The Conspirator
Original Air Date—29 March 1963
The Crime of Innocence
Original Air Date—19 April 1974
The Crisis
Original Air Date—26 June 1971
The Dangerous Airs of Amy Clark
Original Air Date—7 April 1970
The Day Everything Went Wrong
Original Air Date—25 September 1983
The Day God Died
Original Air Date—1970
The Death of Simon Jackson
Original Air Date—1969
The Death of Superman
Original Air Date—29 August 1972
The Dog That Bit You
Original Air Date—21 May 1967
The Domino Effect
Original Air Date—1981
The Edith Stein Story
Original Air Date—24 September 1967
The Face of Tyranny
Original Air Date—29 January 1962
The Fiddler
Original Air Date—3 November 1982
The Fire Within
Original Air Date—1965
The Flawed Magi
Original Air Date—16 June 1978
The Freak
Original Air Date—1 March 1972
The Game Room
Original Air Date—7 September 1984
The Ghetto Trap
Original Air Date—26 May 1968
The Governor’s Mansion
Original Air Date—23 May 1966
A governor asks a judge to grant him a quiet divorce so that he can marry his pregnant mistress.
The Great Chastity Experiment
Original Air Date—15 December 1984
The Greatest Madness of Them All
Original Air Date—31 May 1970
The Halleluia Kid
Original Air Date—29 April 1977
The Hang- Up
Original Air Date—15 May 1967
The Hate Syndrome
Original Air Date—13 May 1966
The Hermit
Original Air Date—1964
The Hit Man
Original Air Date—8 October 1983
The Immigrant
Original Air Date—26 June 1971
The Incredible Man
Original Air Date—1 March 1975
The Inner Life of God
Original Air Date—1961
The Invincible Weapon
Original Air Date—1964
The Jesus Song
Original Air Date—2 June 1972
The Kid Show
Original Air Date—1964
The Killer
Original Air Date—1 January 1965
The King of the Penny Arcade
Original Air Date—17 July 1974
The Last of the Great Male Chauvinists
Original Air Date—1 January 1975
The Late Great God
Original Air Date—1968
The Least of My Brothers
Original Air Date—19 September 1966
The Lovers
Original Air Date—20 February 1966
The Man Who Mugged God
Original Air Date—1979
The Man from Inner Space
Original Air Date—4 May 1975
The Man in the Cast Iron Suit
Original Air Date—28 April 1976
The Martyr
Original Air Date—1963
The Mass
Original Air Date—1961
The Needle’s Eye
Original Air Date—20 October 1981
The Nitty Gritty Once and Future Now
Original Air Date—19 August 1967
The Oleander Years
Original Air Date—16 May 1966
The One-Armed Man
Original Air Date—30 April 1974
The Party
Original Air Date—15 October 1971
The Pendulum
Original Air Date—24 March 1975
The Phony
Original Air Date—2 February 1963
The Picture in Sobel’s Window
Original Air Date—21 September 1976
The Placement Service
Original Air Date—14 March 1975
The Poker Game
Original Air Date—2 March 1969
The Porous Curtain
Original Air Date—1964
The Prisoner
Original Air Date—6 May 1965
The Prodigal Father
Original Air Date—1975
The Ragpicker
Original Air Date—22 November 1962
The Resurrection of Joe Hammond
Original Air Date—17 May 1973
The Right-Handed World
Original Air Date—1965
The Sandalmaker
Original Air Date—22 April 1968
The Secret
Original Air Date—10 July 1977
The Sex Game
Original Air Date—19 April 1977
The Side of Eden
Original Air Date—1 January 1977
The Sixth Day
Original Air Date—1 November 1981
The Sophomore
Original Air Date—31 March 1962
The System
Original Air Date—18 April 1972
The Theft
Original Air Date—21 April 1974
The Thousand-Mile Journey
Original Air Date—7 May 1967
The Turn On
Original Air Date—May 1977
The Turquoise Pony
Original Air Date—1972
The Tyrants
Original Air Date—6 February 1963
A drama about anti-communist movements focusing on Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.
The Urchin
Original Air Date—1964
The War of the Eggs
Original Air Date—1 January 1971
The White Star Garage
Original Air Date—10 June 1982
The Whole Damn Human Race and One More
Original Air Date—6 September 1970
The Woodpile
Original Air Date—6 June 1965
The World, the Campus and Sister Lucy Ann
Original Air Date—1965
The Wrinkle Squad
Original Air Date—1 February 1971
Original Air Date—3 June 1980
Things Are Different Now
Original Air Date—15 September 1978
Three Cornered Flag
Original Air Date—13 April 1968
Thunder in Munich
Original Air Date—1965
Trial by Fire
Original Air Date—1966
Truck Stop
Original Air Date—1 February 1973
Truth About Time
Original Air Date—10 June 1966
Tuesday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week
Original Air Date—8 April 1969
Unfinished Business
Original Air Date—10 June 1980
Vision of Freedom
Original Air Date—22 January 1962
Watts Made Out of Thread
Original Air Date—1968
Welcome Home
Original Air Date—1975
When Heroes Fall
Original Air Date—1981
When Jenny? When?
Original Air Date—1 February 1979
When You See Arcturus
Original Air Date—18 May 1974
Where Were You During the Battle of the Bulge, Kid?
Original Air Date—19 May 1967
Who Has Ever Seen Xanadu?
Original Air Date—20 October 1966
Why Does God Allow Men to Suffer?
Original Air Date—2 July 1967
Why Don’t You Call Me Skipper Anymore?
Original Air Date—29 January 1972
Why Sparrows Fall
Original Air Date—20 June 1966
With a Long Gray Beard
Original Air Date—1965


Series Directed by
Richard C. Bennett   (27 episodes, 1967-1982)
Paul Stanley   (20 episodes, 1964-1982)
Ralph Senensky   (14 episodes, 1969-1982)
Hal Cooper   (13 episodes, 1967-1980)
John Meredyth Lucas   (12 episodes, 1967-1980)
Marc Daniels   (11 episodes, 1969-1982)
Michael Ray Rhodes   (8 episodes, 1977-1984)
Jay Sandrich   (7 episodes, 1977-1983)
Ted Post   (5 episodes, 1965-1983)
Jack Shea   (5 episodes, 1968-1977)
Robert Butler   (4 episodes, 1966-1981)
Buzz Kulik   (4 episodes, 1966-1981)
Seymour Robbie   (4 episodes, 1967-1974)
Jim Johnson   (3 episodes, 1961-1967)
Arthur Hiller   (3 episodes, 1964-1974)
John Newland   (3 episodes, 1967-1971)
James Sheldon   (3 episodes, 1971-1976)
J.D. Lobue   (3 episodes, 1977-1982)
Lamont Johnson   (2 episodes, 1968-1971)
Harvey Hart   (2 episodes, 1968)
Nick Webster   (2 episodes, 1971-1974)
Will Mackenzie   (2 episodes, 1982-1983)
Lew V. Adams   (unknown episodes)
Richard Beymer   (unknown episodes)
Buzz Kycik   (unknown episodes)
David Moessinger   (unknown episodes)
Gilbert Moses   (unknown episodes)

Series Writing credits
Lan O’Kun   (27 episodes, 1970-1982)
William P. McGivern   (14 episodes, 1967-1981)
Ellwood Kieser   (10 episodes, 1961-1983)
E. Sarsfield Waters   (10 episodes, 1964-1973)
John T. Dugan   (9 episodes, 1960-1976)
James E. Moser   (8 episodes, 1965-1981)
John Rester Zodrow   (8 episodes, 1970-1982)
David Moessinger   (7 episodes, 1964-1974)
John Meredyth Lucas   (7 episodes, 1965-1971)
Leon Tokatyan   (7 episodes, 1966-1984)
James McGinn   (6 episodes, 1969-1980)
John McGreevey   (6 episodes, 1975-1981)
Carol Sobieski   (5 episodes, 1964-1972)
Jack Hanrahan   (5 episodes, 1969-1973)
Tom Caramagno   (5 episodes, 1970-1974)
Lydia A. Wiggins   (4 episodes, 1975-1977)
Richard Fielder   (4 episodes, 1977-1981)
Richard L. Breen   (3 episodes, 1964-1966)
John D.F. Black   (3 episodes, 1965-1967)
John T. Kelley   (3 episodes, 1966-1971)
Harry Julian Fink   (3 episodes, 1966-1967)
Terrance A. Sweeney   (3 episodes, 1971-1977)
Michael Crichton   (3 episodes, 1971-1974)
Jim McGinn   (3 episodes, 1974-1982)
Gerry Day   (2 episodes, 1965)
Donald Munson   (2 episodes, 1967)
William Peter Blatty   (2 episodes, 1968-1975)
John W. Bloch   (2 episodes, 1968-1969)
Maureen Daly   (2 episodes, 1968-1969)
Ben Elisco   (2 episodes, 1981-1983)
David C. Field   (2 episodes, 1981-1982)
Frederick Long   (unknown episodes)
Michael Ray Rhodes   (unknown episodes)


Series Cast
Ellwood Kieser …  Himself – Host / … (262 episodes, 1960-1984)

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. …  Charles de Foucauld / … (10 episodes, 1963-1983)
Brian Keith …  Gilbert / … (9 episodes, 1960-1968)

Martin Sheen …  Adam / … (9 episodes, 1970-1980)

Beverly Garland …  Janet / … (7 episodes, 1965-1983)

Edward Asner …  Father Gannon / … (7 episodes, 1967-1977)

John Astin …  Harry / … (7 episodes, 1971-1978)

Patricia Barry …  Connie Ford / … (6 episodes, 1965-1975)

Robert Lansing …  Father Meier / … (6 episodes, 1965-1972)

Harold Gould …  Eddie / … (6 episodes, 1967-1980)

Tim Matheson …  Chris / … (6 episodes, 1972-1978)

Patty Duke …  Annie / … (6 episodes, 1974-1983)
Lynn Carlin …  Betty (6 episodes, 1974-1980)

Vera Miles …  Lucy / … (5 episodes, 1963-1970)
James Farentino …  Dennis / … (5 episodes, 1965-1981)
Edward Andrews …  Basil / … (5 episodes, 1966-1981)

Beau Bridges …  Dave / … (5 episodes, 1966-1976)
Michael Burns …  Pete / … (5 episodes, 1967-1972)
Guy Stockwell …  George / … (5 episodes, 1967-1969)
Anthony Costello …  Chris / … (5 episodes, 1971-1982)

Greg Mullavey …  Stanley (5 episodes, 1971-1982)
Frank Aletter …  Troutman / … (5 episodes, 1972-1977)
Don Stroud …  Davis / … (5 episodes, 1973-1980)

Ellen Geer …  Dr. Sally Calin (5 episodes, 1974-1982)

Marion Ross …  Florence (4 episodes, 1964-1971)
Henry Beckman …  Brown / … (4 episodes, 1964-1969)
Andrew Prine …  Printer (4 episodes, 1965-1970)
Lloyd Bochner …  David / … (4 episodes, 1966-1970)
Jack Albertson …  Abe / … (4 episodes, 1967-1974)
Tim O’Connor …  David / … (4 episodes, 1967-1971)
Joseph Campanella …  Deliverer (4 episodes, 1967-1969)
Diana Muldaur …  Julie Sears (4 episodes, 1968-1978)

Robert DoQui …  Chris / … (4 episodes, 1969-1981)

Bruce Davison …  Andy Fry / … (4 episodes, 1970-1979)
Steve Franken …  Interviewee / … (4 episodes, 1970-1979)
Gregory Sierra  (4 episodes, 1973-1979)
Melinda Dillon  (4 episodes, 1981-1984)
Don Gordon …  Greg (3 episodes, 1960-1965)
John Marley …  Lenin (3 episodes, 1963-1971)

Jack Klugman …  Packy Rowe (3 episodes, 1964-1979)
Paul Picerni …  Tony Guzzo (3 episodes, 1964-1974)

Jane Wyman …  Herself / … (3 episodes, 1964-1970)
Ford Rainey …  Doctor / … (3 episodes, 1965-1975)
Geraldine Brooks …  Martha Burnett / … (3 episodes, 1965-1969)
Brooke Bundy …  Marian / … (3 episodes, 1966-1977)
Davey Davison  (3 episodes, 1967-1981)
Edward Binns …  Lou (3 episodes, 1967-1970)
Paul Carr …  Dermot / … (3 episodes, 1967-1970)
Jane Wyatt …  Mrs. Daniels (3 episodes, 1967-1970)
Janet MacLachlan …  Miss Kiley (3 episodes, 1968-1976)
Arlene Golonka …  Model (3 episodes, 1968-1972)

Lynn Hamilton …  Sara / … (3 episodes, 1969-1975)
Joel Fluellen …  Frank (3 episodes, 1969-1974)
Andrew Duggan  (3 episodes, 1970-1979)
William Windom …  God / … (3 episodes, 1970-1976)
Carl Betz …  Father Lawrence Ryan / … (3 episodes, 1970-1974)

Peter Mark Richman …  Charlie / … (3 episodes, 1970)

Gary Collins …  Probation Officer / … (3 episodes, 1972-1976)
James McEachin  (3 episodes, 1972-1975)

Dick Van Patten …  Jerry (3 episodes, 1973-1983)

A Martinez  (3 episodes, 1973-1981)
Robert Foxworth …  Morgan (3 episodes, 1973-1975)

Jim McMullan …  Shields (3 episodes, 1973-1975)
Tom Nardini …  Rodriguez / … (3 episodes, 1973-1974)

Ed Begley Jr. …  Jimmy / … (3 episodes, 1974-1983)
Ramon Bieri …  Doctor (3 episodes, 1975-1981)

Christine Avila …  Jessica Sanchez / … (3 episodes, 1978-1983)
Rue McClanahan …  Linda (2 episodes, 1975-1977)

John Randolph …  Ozzie (2 episodes, 1975-1977)
Raymond Massey  (2 episodes, 1960-1967)
Skip Homeier …  Steve (2 episodes, 1960-1964)
Gene Raymond …  Lord Baltimore (2 episodes, 1960-1962)

James MacArthur …  Billy Thorp / … (2 episodes, 1962-1967)

Ricardo Montalban …  General Bertani (2 episodes, 1962-1966)
Dan O’Herlihy  (2 episodes, 1962-1963)

Ed Begley …  Hess (2 episodes, 1963-1969)

John Forsythe …  Ray (2 episodes, 1963-1966)
John Hoyt  (2 episodes, 1963-1966)
Bettye Ackerman  (2 episodes, 1963-1965)

Werner Klemperer  (2 episodes, 1963-1965)
Steve Forrest …  David (2 episodes, 1964-1971)

Ann Sothern …  Fran Henderson (2 episodes, 1964-1969)
Robert de Coy …  Pop Walton / … (2 episodes, 1964-1967)
William Marshall …  Frank (2 episodes, 1964-1967)
Albert Salmi …  Leroy (2 episodes, 1965-1977)
Joe Flynn  (2 episodes, 1965-1972)
Bert Freed  (2 episodes, 1965-1971)
John Dehner …  Jeffrey (2 episodes, 1965-1970)

Carroll O’Connor …  Clark (2 episodes, 1965-1970)
Barbara Baldavin …  Nancy (2 episodes, 1965-1967)
Eduard Franz …  Fine (2 episodes, 1965-1966)
Pat Harrington Jr.  (2 episodes, 1966-1976)
Walter Brooke …  J.J. / … (2 episodes, 1966-1974)
Anne Seymour  (2 episodes, 1966-1972)
Diane Baker  (2 episodes, 1966-1971)
James Westerfield …  Valenti / … (2 episodes, 1966-1971)
Ruth Warrick …  Margaret / … (2 episodes, 1966-1968)
Norman Fell  (2 episodes, 1966-1967)
Philip Abbott …  Bob / … (2 episodes, 1966)
Ned Glass  (2 episodes, 1967-1973)
Barry Sullivan …  Roger (2 episodes, 1967-1973)

Jacqueline Scott …  Anne / … (2 episodes, 1967-1972)
Barbara Anderson …  Kathy (2 episodes, 1967-1971)
Chris Robinson …  Paul (2 episodes, 1967-1971)
Noah Keen …  Paul (2 episodes, 1967-1970)
Howard Duff …  Simon (2 episodes, 1967-1969)
Richard Elkins …  Odie (2 episodes, 1967-1969)
Jeffrey Hunter …  James Smith / … (2 episodes, 1967-1969)
Don Mitchell …  Adam Walton / … (2 episodes, 1967-1969)
D’Urville Martin  (2 episodes, 1968-1975)
Lou Antonio …  Burglar (2 episodes, 1968-1974)

Sharon Farrell …  Susan (2 episodes, 1968-1974)
Sheilah Wells …  Melanie (2 episodes, 1968-1972)

William Bassett …  Roman (2 episodes, 1968-1971)
Virginia Gregg …  Anya (2 episodes, 1968-1971)
June Dayton …  Ellen / … (2 episodes, 1968-1970)

Louise Sorel  (2 episodes, 1969-1982)
Peter Haskell …  Donald Quinlan (2 episodes, 1969-1980)
Mario Alcalde …  Father / … (2 episodes, 1969-1974)
Deborah Winters …  Kathleen (2 episodes, 1969-1973)
Bill Bixby …  John (2 episodes, 1969-1971)
Karl Swenson …  Phillips (2 episodes, 1969-1970)
Malachi Throne  (2 episodes, 1969-1970)
Lisa Gerritsen …  Lisa Sears (2 episodes, 1970-1978)

Mariette Hartley  (2 episodes, 1970-1975)

Anne Francis …  Claire (2 episodes, 1970-1973)

Nehemiah Persoff …  Gennaro (2 episodes, 1970-1973)
Tisha Sterling …  Mary (2 episodes, 1970-1971)

Daniel D. Halleck …  Charlie / … (2 episodes, 1970)
Michael Shea …  Jack (2 episodes, 1971-1973)
Kaz Garas …  Alex Andrakia (2 episodes, 1971-1972)
Pamela McMyler …  Lorna / … (2 episodes, 1971-1972)
Alan Oppenheimer …  Marty / … (2 episodes, 1971-1972)
Richard Jaeckel  (2 episodes, 1972-1980)
Bill Quinn  (2 episodes, 1972-1980)
Kenneth Mars …  Ben Lipton (2 episodes, 1972-1976)
Joyce Van Patten …  Marie Slovak / … (2 episodes, 1972-1974)
Hilary Thompson …  Britt / … (2 episodes, 1972-1973)
Nita Talbot …  Lulu (2 episodes, 1973-1980)

Bob Newhart …  God (2 episodes, 1973-1979)
Amzie Strickland  (2 episodes, 1973-1977)
Ron Glass …  Rickell (2 episodes, 1973-1975)
Felice Orlandi …  Assassin (2 episodes, 1973-1975)

Ron Rifkin …  Bailey (2 episodes, 1973-1975)
Candy Clark …  Ginny (2 episodes, 1973-1974)
Ricky Kelman …  Bill (2 episodes, 1973-1974)
Michael Learned …  Sister Janet (2 episodes, 1973-1974)
Lynne Marta …  Sharon (2 episodes, 1973-1974)
Christine Belford …  Tina (2 episodes, 1974-1981)
Lawrence Pressman …  John (2 episodes, 1974-1980)
Angela Clarke …  Maria Abrams (2 episodes, 1974-1977)

Glynnis O’Connor …  Laura (2 episodes, 1974-1977)
Mitch Vogel …  Jimmy (2 episodes, 1974-1977)
Kristina Holland …  Joyce (2 episodes, 1974-1975)

Elliott Street  (2 episodes, 1974)
Jerry Houser  (2 episodes, 1975-1981)

Ron Howard  (2 episodes, 1975-1981)
Nan Martin  (2 episodes, 1975-1981)
Jack Carter …  Johnny Banks (2 episodes, 1975-1977)

Cliff De Young …  Joe (2 episodes, 1975-1976)
Paula Kelly …  Grace (2 episodes, 1976-1981)

James Cromwell …  Norman (2 episodes, 1976-1977)
Beth Raines …  Afton / … (2 episodes, 1976-1977)
Grant Goodeve …  Bill (2 episodes, 1977-1982)

Vincent Van Patten …  Morgan / … (2 episodes, 1977-1978)

Helaine Lembeck …  Iris (2 episodes, 1977)
Panchito Gómez  (2 episodes, 1978-1981)

Andrew Robinson  (2 episodes, 1978-1979)
Howard McGillin …  God’s Attorney / … (2 episodes, 1979-1980)
Alan Feinstein  (2 episodes, 1980-1981)
Richard Beymer …  God / … (2 episodes, 1980)
Marcia Rodd …  Prosecuting Attorney (2 episodes, 1980)
Sherry Hursey  (2 episodes, 1981-1984)

David Spielberg  (2 episodes, 1981-1982)
James Callahan …  ‘Gray’ (2 episodes, 1981)
Lance Kerwin …  Jody (2 episodes, 1982-1984)
Lois Nettleton  (2 episodes, 1982)


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  1. Anonymous says
    20 May 13, 6:26pm

    Please release the entire Insight series in a modern format, DVD as soon as possible. I’m not getting any younger, and I’ve missed that show terribly. I can’t afford premium tv either, so DVD is the only way I’ll get to enjoy it again. I found it so uplifting and need it badly at times.

    Please put me on your news list so I’ll know at the earliest. Thanks.

  2. CFDb says
    20 May 13, 8:33pm

    I agree, I would also like to see all of these on DVD. Great Series!

    We will put you on our newsletter. 🙂

  3. ken says
    01 June 13, 11:14pm

    Very haunting, powerful show. A ‘true’ religious or rather spiritual show which proves that God is manifested through our common, yet suppressed humanity. Especially relevant in these cynical times. I think that, although people are seduced by the usual Hollywood hype and glamour( themes of conquest, power) they’re more open to uplift/inspiration, especially if it’s communicated in a universalist, nonjudgemental, ‘everday’ way, which i vaguely remember these shows doing quite effectively.

  4. Glen says
    24 September 13, 10:11am

    I would love to see Insight put on DVD! A superb show! I havent seen most of the episodes, so it would be fantastic to watch! Especially in chronological order. I didnt know the show started in 1960.

  5. Theresa tomeo says
    10 December 13, 5:40am

    Any chance these will be available on DVD by Christmas 2013?

  6. Annelie says
    10 December 13, 11:26am

    I don’t think so 🙁


  7. Dolores says
    05 January 14, 1:07am

    I am also a great admirer of this program. It helped me to understand that God is within us ready to take shape and grow with our every act. Especially in those acts where we often stumble and fall as humans are apt to do. Please let me know when they are made available in DVD. This is the right time for their message to resonate again and not only with Catholics. Than you for making this a possibility.

  8. Bill says
    05 January 14, 2:36pm

    Please count me among the Insight fans who would love to see these episodes re-released on DVD. I haven’t seen this remarkable series on TV in almost 20 years, and I’ve had to settle for the occasional episode on YouTube. I t would be great to see them all again after all these years

  9. Jeff says
    16 January 14, 10:03pm

    I’m looking for 17 going nowhere episode 21. ?

  10. Annelie says
    17 January 14, 9:25am

    Try contacting the company – 310-454-0688 – maybe they can help!


  11. Dave Hatch says
    03 May 14, 8:42am

    This is a beautiful series, but I’ve only seen a few. Jesus BC is fabulous !! Will someone let me know when it gets on DVD for purchase ??

  12. Annelie says
    04 May 14, 7:17am

    You can sign up for our newsletter so when it comes out you’ll know, otherwise you’ll need to check back every couple of months or so until there is at least a release date.


  13. Gene says
    05 June 14, 2:50am

    Like almost everyone else here, I’d like to see these released on DVD. If not, maybe one of the retro channels (COZI, THIS, Antenna TV, or maybe TBN) could broadcast them. The series would be seen by a whole new group of people that have never heard of it. In the mid to late ’70’s and maybe into the early ’80’s I recall watching some of the color episodes made in the late ’60s and early ’70’s. Until coming to this site, I didn’t know they went back to 1960 and I don’t recall ever seeing any b&w episodes. I went looking for them on YouTube, but didn’t find much, except for the theme music. I assume that they aren’t posted either because of copyright restrictions, or more likely because nobody has been able to because they’re only on old and scarce VHS tapes. In our world of DVD’s and flash drives, very little on VHS, or the even older and more obsolete BETA format tapes may ever make it to the PC.

  14. 13 September 14, 11:08pm

    Truly a wonderful show; none like it today. Please release as many episodes as possible on DVD. I will buy them all and in that way help to fund this cause.

  15. Annelie says
    14 September 14, 10:16am

    Wish they were available – maybe someday!

  16. Dana Linton says
    24 October 14, 5:29am

    I want to add my voice — this wonderful, unique series needs to seen again, I am not a churchgoer, but these shows — most of which I saw in my adolescence — helped me understand the daily spiritual struggle we all engage in, issues I still deal with, and did so in an entertaining way. The shows allowed room for questioning and weren’t judgemental, but helped lead you to a more spiritual path gently and through persuasion. I don’t see anything like it on today’s television.

    Additionally, the fine work of the writers and actors (most working for scale or for nothing) should not be hidden away and forgotten. The best episodes rate with “The Twilight Zone” and the best of the anthology series despite low budgets, and are worthy even as pure entertainment. It would be tragic for this series to be forgotten.

  17. dorothy says
    25 December 14, 6:59pm

    I remember many of the Insight episodes, they hold a special place in my heart. I’d love to see them available on dvd!

  18. Michael says
    28 November 15, 12:39am

    I watched this program as a teenager and credit it with my becoming a Christian. I, too, miss this program terribly and I would love to buy it on DVD. I hope it becomes available for purchase soon.

  19. 29 February 16, 12:28am

    I would like to know if Insight is available on DVD and if so, where?

  20. Annelie says
    29 February 16, 9:28am

    Sorry we’ve been unable to find these anywhere

  21. gerard losardo says
    07 March 16, 3:16pm

    please put the series back on television society is in dire need of it

  22. Anthony says
    08 March 16, 8:04pm

    I’m going to join the chorus here and ask…nay, beg, that this wonderful series be put on DVD. It seems like such a terrible waste of a magnificent, incomparably acted, written and produced series such as Insight to only make it commercially available on a format that’s as outdated as the horse-drawn trolley. A new generation awaits its introduction to Insight, to be moved by it the way mine was, but that will never happen until it’s made available in a 21st century format. Please.

    Thank you.

  23. Desiree' Atwater says
    27 March 16, 12:22pm

    Please release this Entire series on DVD. Other shows have been released why not this one?

  24. Diane Bunce says
    18 May 16, 8:00pm

    In this desperate world we so need God. Please release this entire series to the public. I believe it is an obligation to share this gift God has given. Please don’t be like the man in the bible who buried his treasure I stead of investing it. So many are hungry on how to live as God wants and this series certainly brings It to light. ????

  25. Paul says
    05 March 17, 4:39am

    What a wonderful show, please put it on DVD, Share it with the world. The world desperately needs to see this show!!!!!!

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