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Inspiration Pop 2929

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Inspiration Pop 2929

Film Description:

A family film with a musical heart. Inspiration Pop 2929 is set in a fictional Southern town and follows a diverse cast of characters as they struggle in their lives. A young musician wishes to share his gift with a larger audience; a widow copes with the death of her soldier daughter; a small business owner sacrifices her freedom for the safety of a young runaway; a mechanic finds a family by finding his faith; and a man and woman strengthen their marriage. Take the journey with our characters as they overcome hardship and in doing so find fulfillment in unexpected ways!

The Street Sweeper” the book that inspired the movie!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Inspiration Pop 2929 - Christian Movie, Film on DVD - CFDb

  • Jackie Stewart … Street Sweeper
  • Britt George … Austin
  • Whitney Goin … Marnie
  • Dillion Keith … Johnny
  • Jason Crabb … Jason Crabb
  • Larry Gatlin … The Street Musician
  • Tabitha Douglas Warren … Rosie
  • Steve Brockman … Danny
  • Christy Sutherland … Laura Ann
  • Kaitlyn King … Ariel
  • Regina McCrary … Barbra
  • Corey Allan … Lee
  • Andrea Thomas … Juliet
  • Jean Reinke … Patty
  • Dorinda McGaha … Nurse
  • David Thoreson … Manny
  • Rob Wilds … Sheriff Briggs
  • Tricia Williams … Claire
  • Buffi Holland … Tammy
  • Erick Garcia … Johnny’s Dad
  • Mykie Fisher … Deputy Mahoney
  • Rondell Clark … Bull
  • Joshua Childs … Duke
  • Glen Berteau … Reverend Glen
  • Mamie Morgan … Maggie
  • Victor Chon … Radio DJ
  • Margaret Kimble … Aletheia
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  1. Deanna says
    23 May 13, 8:47am

    Will this movie be able to be shipped to Canada.

  2. Annelie says
    23 May 13, 8:55am
  3. 17 October 13, 4:29pm

    We are very pleased to share that our small, rural Christian film festival will feature Inspiration Pop. 2929 in November, 2013. Inspiration is a wonderful small town story and features a lot of great music you will want to hear again and again.

    We highly recommend this film which is very suitable for the whole family. Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival.

  4. Cindy Walker says
    10 May 14, 5:08pm

    I want to buy the movies “Inspiration POP 2929” and “Doonby”. What do I need to do?

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