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Into the Void

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Into the Void

Film Description:

Humphrey Van Weyden (Hump), a Christian scholar, boards a space elevator en route to a space station to give a weekly mass. In the middle of his sermon, a passenger ferry crashes into the space station. Hump evacuates and floats in space.

He is picked up by a salvaging ship, the Ghost, captained by the sadistic Wolf Larsen. After being revived, Hump is impressed into service as a cabin boy to fill in for a dead crew member who is immediately turned into food.

Hump struggles through his days, tortured by Mugridge the cook, Smoke the hunter and others, while learning the ropes of being a salvager. In between trials he undergoes a series of conversations with Wolf challenging Hump’s beliefs. Dreams reveal Hump’s Christian origins and shift towards his current superficial, “academic” faith. Wolf’s past is also hinted at, centering on the mystery of his impossibly old age.

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!

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  1. Blair says
    15 May 12, 11:29pm

    I really I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!

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