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Film Description:

What is Family? Every member of the human race has the desire for significance—a desire to belong. And the family is where those deepest longings are fulfilled. Unfortunately, the word “family” has all but lost its meaning in our modern cultural landscape. And the fallout has been significant. Divorce. Crime. Poverty. Addictions. Abuse. When the family is weakened, society suffers. But strong families make the world a better place!

The documentary takes the audience around the world on an incredible journey of discovery about the meaning of family. The film also features interviews with experts from all walks of life, including Professor of Law Helen Alvaré; National Center for Fathering CEO Carey Casey; radio host Michel Medved; speaker and radio host John Stonestreet; author Eric Metaxas; neuropsychologist Dr. Anne Moir; philosopher Dr. Roger Scruton; authors Gabe and Rebekah Lyons; scholar Nancy Pearcey and others.

Church Screenings Option

Irreplaceable - Christian Film on DVD with Tim Sisarich - Banner 2

Irreplaceable - Christian Film on DVD with Tim Sisarich - Banner 1

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Tim Sisarich Himself Helen Alvaré Herself
Carey Casey Himself Michel Medved Himself
John Stonestreet Himself Eric Metaxas Himself
Dr. Anne Moir Herself Dr. Roger Scruton Himself
Nancy Pearcey Herself Gabe Lyons Himelf
Rebekah Lyons Herself

Film Contact Details

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  1. Fran Monk says
    06 May 14, 10:28am

    I really want to see this but can’t go tonight. How else can I view it?

  2. Annelie says
    07 May 14, 4:09am

    You’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD or you can contact the company directly.


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