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Island of Grace

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CFDb Review:

This is a movie that will force you to examine your life and make you laugh.  Which character are you in this film?

Island of Grace

Film Description:

Island of Grace – In the middle of nowhere, three people will discover where they stand.

Megan has lost her way. Although she has been saved, the praise of the world comes before God. Her co-worker, Chris, doesn’t understand how Megan can deny the faith, especially when she was the one who brought him to Jesus. But when Megan and Chris go on a business trip with their boss, Mark, their lives are forever changed in a near-fatal plane crash.

Stranded on an island in a far corner of the world, Megan is forced to re-examine her life, beginning a journey not just of survival, but also of remembering what it means to be saved.


Film Cast

  • Jai Augustus … John
  • Ryder Christensen … Co-Pilot
  • Matthew Davis … Mark
  • Christopher Greggs …     Pilot
  • Savanna Hines … Kim
  • Krista Hollinger … Linda
  • Jaycee Lynn … Megan
  • Samantha Nelson … Chris’ Sister
  • Wilbur T. O’Riley … Mr. Davidson
  • Samuel Potter … Chris

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Film Details

Island of Grace, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. William Caloia says
    24 April 17, 12:34am

    This looks like it was filmed on the island of Kaua’i. Near Ke’e Beach. Am I right?

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