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Jack’s Life: The C. S. Lewis Story

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Film Synopsis:

The winter of 1941 is a bleak one for England. Most of Europe has fallen to Hitler’s armies and Nazi planes fly nightly bombing raids over London. Only Winston Churchill’s voice on the radio brings hope—even if that hope appears small at best. Upon the Battle of Britain, Churchill warns, “depends the survival of Christian Civilization.”

James Welch, Director of the BBC’s Religious Broadcasting Department, shares his Prime Minister’s hopes and fears. He knows that the survival of Christian civilization is precarious but believes that there is a man in England who can explain to the British public what the Christian message is and why it needs to be reconsidered: an Oxford don named C. S. (“Jack”) Lewis.

But when Welch offers Jack the chance, Lewis is unsure that he is the right man for the task. First he must review the past 42 years of his life to see if he has the knowledge and life experiences to speak to his fellow countrymen on an issue of such vital importance.

From his golden childhood days in Ireland cut short by the death of his mother, to his journey out of the trenches of WWI into the halls of Academia at Oxford University, Jack discovers a common thread has always held together the pieces of his life, weaving from Atheism to Belief, and that thread is friendship as defined by his older brother Warnie, his childhood friend Arthur Greeves and his literary friends led by Tollers (J.R.R. Tolkien) called The Inklings.

By questioning if he is the man to address his Nation in desperate need, Jack discovers that his past not only informs his present, but defines it. A world in chaos needs his voice of Hope across battlefield lines as well as radio lines; C. S. Lewis: The Movie celebrates how one man’s voice can not only inspire a Nation, but the World.

Release Date: (Theaters) Summer 2012

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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