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Film Description:

A true story of a young girl who got lost looking for her purpose in life for which it was designed by taking the wrong path. Abandoned her family at her early age, ended up involved in a extreme religious sect, and managed to escape risking her life and her family. But not too late she realizes the mistake she made and manages to escape from the clutches of the sect led by a wicked and ambitious young alienated, his goal is to idolize and realize all their evil desires. Who hinder their wishes, eliminates forever. Jana could find her life purpose for which she was designed before the foundation of the world?

This film produced in the Dominican Republic based on a true story of a satanic sect back in the 80’s, this movie has the fundamental objective to shows the youth to be alert of the false doctrines, and present the word of God and Christian values.

Release Date: (DVD, VOD) March 01, 2018!

Film Cast

  • Melissa Pagan … Jana García
  • Romeo Acosta … Salvador
  • Jafreisi Adames … Andrea
  • Carlos Canelo Jaquez … Chapel Pastor
  • Arlym Constanzo … Oficial Robles
  • Maria Cuervo … Maria
  • Gabriel Cuervo … Timothy
  • Alan Diaz … Carlos
  • Karen Garcia … Emely
  • Garibaldi Pezzotti … Bob Callengher
  • Lenin Reyes … Tadeo

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Selan Films llc Representative: Federico
Phone: 4074139102 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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  1. yolanda says
    12 January 19, 9:48am

    beautiful movie! a powerful message of forgiveness and redemption.

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