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Jeremiah: The Bible Collection Series

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Film Synopsis:

The Biblical story of the Prophet Jeremiah, who lived 400 years after King Solomon in a Jerusalem that experiences the Babylonian invasion. Jeremiah is called upon by God to fulfill a difficult and dramatic mission, which brings down persecution upon the Prophet, a mission he experienced with great inner conflicts.

Jeremiah must preach the return to justice and faith to his people and his King who have lost the way of the Covenant with God and have lain back in their wealth and lust, turning to false idols. But Jeremiah’s words fall on deaf ears. Disaster strikes the Kingdom of Judah and its people when Babylon and its King Nebuchadnezzar destroy Jerusalem and send the Jews off into exile.

The Bible Collection Series:

The Bible Collection Series


  • Patrick Dempsey … Jeremiah
  • Oliver Reed … General Safan
  • Klaus Maria Brandauer … King Nebuchadnezzar
  • Vincent Regan … King Sedecia
  • Leonor Varela … Judith
  • Andrea Occhipinti … King Joiakim
  • Michael Cronin … Chelkia
  • Stuart Bunce … Baruch
  • Roger May … Elshuma
  • Simon Kunz … Gemariah
  • Silas Carson … Hananiah
  • Franco Castellano … Babylonian Minister
  • Damian Myerscough … Ephraim
  • Chris Pavlo … Hanamel
  • Anita Zagaria … Jeremiah’s mother
  • Luke Sheppard … Child Jeremiah
  • Joylon Stephenson … Ebed Melech
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Jeremiah: The Bible Collection Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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