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Jesus of Nazareth: Miniseries

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Jesus of Nazareth: Miniseries

Film Description:

Jesus of Nazareth: Miniseries – In 60 A.D., Luke, a disciple of Jesus, and finds himself recounting his encounters with the many eyewitnesses to Christ’s life, death and resurrection to a young Roman prisoner on the verge of his own execution.

Release Date: (TV/Cable) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Biblical Drama

'The Bible' Begets Big-Budget Jesus Miniseries (Exclusive)

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  1. MJ says
    18 September 13, 8:53am

    Hoping to see Diogo Morgado cast as Jesus as he was phenomenal in The Bible series.

  2. Tom Bacon says
    13 February 14, 9:51am

    I hope they stay true to the Bible and not tradition. No three wise men saw a baby Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem. The wise men saw a child of two in Nazareth. The wise men were kept and questioned by Herod for two years. Mary offered turtle doves as a sacrifice when she went into the temple. This was the sacrifice of a person who was poor, which means she never received gold from anyone. The Bible says she then went to Nazareth before going to Egypt. Herod would have been looking for the child who escaped. The mother’s and father’s names would have been in the census. Why was there no room in the Inn? It was the feast of Succoth. The manger was a Succot or booth. which was a dwelling the Jews built when they were with Moses. Stop using tradition. Use the Bible for a change.

  3. Annelie says
    13 February 14, 10:07am

    I wish they would but that is unlikely. The prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this to lead people to search the Bibles for themselves to find out the truth about what it really says.


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