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CFDb Review:

What a TERRIFIC Christian film. Loved Jimmy a lot! Very inspiring.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

Jimmy – Ian Colletti delivers the performance of a lifetime in this heartfelt family drama based on the best-selling novel by Robert Whitlow. Colletti stars as Jimmy Mithcell, a young man whose world is a place where a boy can be a man, even if he’s “special”. Where angels lover, mostly unseen. Where danger can happen, and hearts can falter – but love is never wasted. Filled with Southern characters at once familiar and unexpected, Jimmy is an extraordinary tale about growing up in the midst of real struggle.Jimmy is a story you will never forget.

Release Date: (GMC) June 2, 2013 – 7,9,11 ET

  • Ted Levine – James Lee Mitchell
  • Kelly Carlson – Ellen Mitchell
  • Bob Gunton – Sheriff Brinson
  • Stelio Savante – Mr. Laney
  • Burgess Jenkins – Jack Garner
  • Patrick Fabian – Lee Mithcelle
  • R. Keith Harris – Brother Fitzgerald
  • Jackson Pace – Max Cochran
  • Gregory Alan Williams – Coach Sellers
  • Ian Colletti – Jimmy Mitchell
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Jimmy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Jake Olson says
    25 June 13, 10:01am

    This is one that I really look forward to watching. Everything looks pretty well put together in this film, I just need to make the time to watch it :).

  2. patty h says
    15 February 14, 2:02pm

    I watched this movie this afternoon. I bought it at a Christian bookstore on sale in North Carolina before Christmas and with all the snow I pulled it out to see today. This is one of the most excellent Christian movies I have ever watched. It is a tear jerker and it has a story that truly pierced my heart. It could be the story of anyone living this kind of life and for that reason it was so real and when I learned the young man was not developmentally challenged I could not believe it for his acting was superb. I laughed. I cried and I know that if you watch it with your family you will also love the story. I would not let younger children watch it though under the age of 5 or 6 but it is a good family story.

  3. Wendy le Roux says
    04 June 14, 1:16am

    I watched this movie this weekend. It is definitely one of THE best Christian movies I’ve watched so far. It is definitely one to watch over and over. I sobbed my heart out when Jimmy visits his grandfather in hospital. There were lots of parts which had me in fits of laughter. Really an awesome movie. Well done to the directors and producers of this movie.

  4. Grace-Lynn says
    16 November 18, 9:41am

    This movie is very touching, watched it last night at my church and I loved the story line
    Ian Colletti is an amazing actor.

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